August 23, 2013

Style Me Friday: Button Down

Happy Friday!  This weeks Style Me Friday look features a button down.  I'm a huge fan of a button down (besides ironing them).  They make you look as though you attempted to get dressed.  I have been rocking them all summer.  I took a super casual approach with my look this week and included a snapback! 

If Beyonce is wearing a snapback with a button down I will give it a try. 
Shirt, Old Navy (similar)/ Boyfriend jeans, Gap/ Bracelet c/o Jami/ Bag, Marc Jacobs/ Shoes, Chucks/ Laces c/o Twistband/ Custom snapback, TeesandQuotes
I got this snapback made around Christmas time last year.  I normally throw it on when I'm looking bummy, running to the store.  I decided to put a little more effort into incorporating it into a decent outfit. 
My old Chucks got an upgrade when I received some Twistband laces!  These laces are pretty awesome!  They are very stretchy so once you lace your shoe you will never have to tie them again because you can slip them on and off!  This may be one of the best inventions ever!  I'm going to put them in some of Peyton's shoes.

I think this is a cute look for taking the kids to birthday parties or sport games.  What do you think up my take on the button down?  Would you rock a snapback?  Check out the other Style Me Friday looks on Fashionista Next Door HERE.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm always jealous of folks who can rock hat. I can't because I'm "baldhead" with a big head! LOL You look awesome. Great shots!

  2. Okay my eyes went straight to the cute purse instead lol but you def. inspired me to throw on some of my old hats I have stashed in the back of my closet. Also those shoe laces are a good idea for my little one as she still hasn't mastered tying her shoes yet. That way I'm not stuck removing the double knots if she can just adjust since they stretch out.

  3. CUTENESS!!! Love the snap-back and those laces. Fun outfit, perfect for a chill weekend!


  4. Love this outfit - I'm actually wearing something similar for Madi's bday party tomorrow! I love the hat I want one.

  5. Love! I'm copying! :)

  6. Cute and comfy. I like the orange gingham button up and I'm going to have to try those laces. It sounds awesome. :-)


  7. I love this look and now I want those laces for my Chucks. That hat..I love it!!

  8. Cute! Send me a hat please!

  9. Great style inspiration!

  10. Great outfit and please don't call a NY Yankees fitted a snap back lol #southbronxgirl


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