August 31, 2013

Fall Haul: Joe Fresh, H&M, Target + Walmart

I have been slacking on sharing my recent purchases for Peyton.  I've been picking up items for the last month for back to school and her fall wardrobe.  Sadly, this is not all of it, just what I can remember.  Some items get hung, some get put in a drawer and some stay in the bag.  Yes, I'm a shopaholic! 
I picked up these items from the Joe Fresh collection at JCPenneys.  How about that vegan moto jacket?!!!

I snagged a few items from H&M.  Those high-top sneakers are a steal at $12.95!  I ordered more items online, just waiting for them to arrive!
Of course I picked up some pieces from Target.  She has been wearing the shorts and tees too school since it is still hot.  I also crept in the little boys section and picked up a couple of shirts.
I love Walmart's Garanimal line!  Each item is $3.88 and perfect for her to wear to school and still look cute. A few items are not pictured because Peyton insisted on wearing them immediately.

Where have you been shopping and finding deals?  Are you done for fall or just getting started?


  1. That vegan moto jacket, yes!!

  2. That moto jacket and high tops are CUTE!! I didn't care for the selection at our JCP for boys :-( I expected a little more

  3. Cute pieces! I love the moto jacket and Walmart outfits are so cute.


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