August 30, 2014

Oprah's Life You Want Weekend + Ticket #Giveaway

My girl Oprah is coming to shut down Atlanta next weekend for the Oprah's Life You Want Weekend!  If you are an O fan like me, you probably just freaked out a little.  Oprah is about to begin an 8 city tour across the US starting with Atlanta!  She is kicking off the Life You Want Weekend by taking over downtown Atlanta!  If you are in Atlanta and would like a chance to attend the Life You Want Weekend, keep reading!

August 29, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: All White Everything

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  I'm so excited for this 3 day weekend I don't know what to do!  I'm looking forward to some chill time and shopping the sales!  Since Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer and to wearing white.  Wearing white after Labor Day as not as taboo as it used to be.  Just don't rock a linen suit in the middle of winter.  I for one will be packing up most of my whites until Spring.  Mama Fashion Files and I thought it be perfect to rock all white again for Mamanista Friday to close out the summer. 

August 28, 2014

5 Minute Facelift

I'm all about taking preventative measures when it comes to skincare.  Why wait till something falls apart before you try to do something about it.  I'll be on the high end of 30 this year.  I don't know about you, but I love getting those, "You don't even look 30!" comments.  Technology is so far advanced that we can age gracefully without going under the knife.  I've been giving myself a 5 min facelift using the NuFace Mini facial toning device.  

August 27, 2014

The Diet Diaries: Fabletics

You guys thought I fell all the way off on my weight loss plan didn't you?  Well, I kinda did but not completely.  After gaining back the weight I lost after Mister's birthday, I was a little sad (pissed).  I had to have a talk with myself.  Just because I have a few setbacks doesn't mean I have to give up completely.  After reevaluating what I was doing wrong (and eating a few chicken biscuits), I'm in a good place.  I also got some new workout clothes from Fabletics that have me excited to hit the gym.

August 25, 2014

Love My Alannah Fall Lookbook + Peyton's in it!

I know we're all still talking about Beyonce shutting down the VMA's and Blue stealing the show but I'm super excited to share LoveMyAlannah fall back to school lookbook!  *throws confetti*  The fall collection is SICK!  Amazing headbands, watches, and earrings.  I want every single piece for Peyton.  I'm honored that Peyton and I were asked to be involved in LoveMyAlannah's epic look book.  While Peyton did her thing in front of the camera, I was behind the camera, styling the mini models.  The lookbook was shot by the amazing team of Creative Soul Photography.

August 23, 2014

Big Back to School #Giveaway

In celebration of our Back to School 101: The Comprehensive Shopping Guide to Everything Cool for School, BonBon Rose Girls, The Little Style File and Baby Shopaholic are teaming up again to bring you the BIG back to school giveaway! One lucky winner is going to walk away with a slew of prizes that both kiddos AND mamas will enjoy...Because back to school time is a big deal for us parents too!


August 22, 2014

Back to School 101: The comprehensive guide to everything cool for back to school

Back to school is such a hectic time for us moms.  Peyton has been in school for over a week but I'm still picking up items that she or "we" need.  To help make things a little easier, I've joined forces with The Little Style File and Bon Bon Rose Girls to bring you our comprehensive back to school guide. Think of it as your guide to everything COOL for school!

From fashion to supplies and even lunch ideas, this guide should help make any back to school shopping you have to do a little bit easier. Plus, even if you think you’re done, you may find a few things that you want to add to your back to school must have list! Get ready for goodies from Minted, Four Peas, Kitchfix and so much more! And don’t forget to check out our outfit ideas. Our kids are also showing their back to school looks in the guide.

If you’re reading this on a mobile device, you may need to click HERE to view our guide!

We've also teamed up to bring you a BIG back to school giveaway!  Coming soon!

Mamanista Fridays: Global Inspiration

Happy Mamanista Friday!  Can you believe September is in a week?!!  I'm so ready for fall fashion!  Too bad it's still crazy hot.   I hate dressing this time of the year.  You don't want to look too summery, but it's too hot to wear jackets in the day time.  Just a heads up, I will be rushing in fall fashions.  I kinda did for this weeks global inspired look for Mamanista Friday.

August 20, 2014

Picture Day Outfits

Most kids are back to school by now.  Now we need to think about picture day!  We may not be able to control how they smile but we can at least make sure they are dressed the part.  I like to dress Peyton in a more classic and timeless outfit for school pictures.  I don't want her to look back and ask me what the heck did I make her wear.  Here is a little inspiration to create your child's picture perfect look. 

August 18, 2014

Rip the Runway at Bloomingdale's {Video}

I hope you guys had a great weekend.  Peyton and I have been going non-stop since Friday.  Mama is so tired today, hence the late post. On Saturday afternoon, Peyton hit the runway for Bloomingdale's BKids back to school fashion show.  

August 15, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Gingham

Happy Mamanista Friday!  Friday couldn't come fast enough this week.  Not that I'm going to get any rest this weekend but it's good not to be locked in an office.  Mama Fashion Files and I are sporting casual looks this week featuring gingham.  

August 13, 2014

Back to School Shopping Spree at Tanger Outlet

My favorite part of back to school time is shopping (duh)!  All of us moms get a free pass to pick out super cute outfits for our kids and maybe a few things for ourselves.  We gotta look cute too when we drop them off right?  The Baby Shopaholic family took a ride down to the Tanger Outlet in Locust Grove, GA for a back to school shopping spree.  Tanger Outlets in Locust Grove is home to outlet and factory stores like Banana Republic, Coach, J Crew, Carter’s, Hanes, Columbia, Brooks Brothers and more!  Check out what we picked up and learn about the upcoming Kid Style Fashion Tour with Bridgit Mendler.

August 12, 2014

Leather Shorts + #BBHappyHair

Last week I attended the annual summer Bronner Brothers Hair show in Atlanta.  If you are involved in any part of the beauty industry (hair, makeup, nails, social media, sales, etc.) the Bronner Brothers show is a must attend.  This year’s hair show was all about Happy Hair! *que the Happy song*

August 11, 2014

Lil Rock Star

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Today is Peyton's first day of pre-K!  I hope her day goes well.  A few of her close friends are in her class but she doesn't have a problem making new friends.  I may or may not have shed one thug tear when I dropped her off this morning.  They grow up too fast!  Speaking of growing up, check out this amazing fringe skirt from Posh Peyton that P is rocking.  I want one!  I know some of you are already SMHing, saying this skirt is too grown.  Relax, it's just fringe. Oh...this is not what she wore on the first day of school, you can check out what she wore on Instagram.

August 10, 2014

Estee Lauder Tote & Beauty Gift + Giveaway

Estee Lauder is offering a this gorgeous tote filled with goodies when you purchase $75 in product at Neiman Marcus!  The Estee Lauder beauty event is in stores and online until August 13.

August 8, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Neon

Happy Mamanista Friday!  Another hectic week for me.  I think it reflects in my casual outfit for this weeks Mamanista Friday.  This week, Aracely and I are wearing Neon.

August 7, 2014

Back to School Suitcase

Now is the perfect time to stock up on school supplies for both school and home because there are so many deals.  I try to keep a few boxes of crayons on deck for when Peyton’s stash is depleted because of Mister and I stepping on them all the time.  Crayons, papers and coloring books are everywhere in our house.   Peyton has a desk but her drawing and coloring take place everywhere else.   In an attempt to decrease the mess, I put together this little back to school suitcase to keep all her items.

August 6, 2014

Skinny Sangria #SweetNLowStars

This week I made my Sweet’N Low Skinny Sangria as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SweetNLowStars.

The kids are heading back to school. Time to celebrate with a new drink recipe! I won't judge you if you make this drink after putting your kids on the bus. Better yet, invite the other moms in the neighborhood to join you in celebratory back to school toast with this guilt free Skinny Sangria!

August 5, 2014

Mister's Party by Park Avenue Events

Mister's birthday party came and went.  We had such a fabulous time, our friends and family are still talking about it.  I called myself planning early so I wouldn't be overwhelmed.  #WRONG.  A few weeks before the party I started to freak out and have nightmares that people would show up and I would have a bonnet on my head, wearing ratty sweats and a t-shirt.  I started venting on twitter.  After my rant, I got an email from Hester, the owner of Park Avenue Events saying she would like to help me out with the event I was planning.  Look at Gawd! 

August 4, 2014

A Little Lace

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend.  A lot of kids in Georgia headed back to school today! It's so hard to believe school is already back in.  Peyton has one more week left. I would love to get her closet and room organized before she starts but I don't think that is gonna happen.  Hopefully I will get it done before the weather cools off.  I did list a few items of Peyton's on Poshmark for sell if you are interested.  I'm still finding clothes in Peyton's closet that she hasn't worn this summer, like these adorable little lace shorts. 

August 1, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Lace Details

What a crazy week!  Guess who had a pink eye infection this week?  This girl.  My poor eye looked like it was about to fall out of my head.  That's why I'm wearing shades this week.  I'm not as cool as Aracely from Mama Fashion Files to rock shades with my outfits.  Glad to report that my eye is better now!

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