April 30, 2012

Madewell Challenge Event

If you can believe this, I have never shopped at Madewell!  I know I know!  Everyone raves about their denim!  Sunday I attended a Madewell Denimthon hosted by Mattie from Mattieologie.  At the event the Atlanta Style Bloggers got to compete in a style challenge! 

With Host Mattie from Mattieologie

I was out late the night before so I threw on this fedora hat to try and hide my face!  T-shirt is from Forever 21 and skirt is from Old Navy.  I got the necklace from the Apparel Mart Show.

 Mattie is cute as a button in her Madewell outfit.

Bellini's were served!
 Cupcakes by Cami Cakes were in the building!

 Peyton keep yelling "Cup Cake"!  She ate like 5! They were mini ones... so let's say she ate like 2.5!

 With Adrienne of Sadiddy Magazine, Jazmine from Fashion Rouge
 Allison of Style Pundit
 Tia from If I were a Brit Girl and Kristen from Lily Kai
With Jessica from My Style Vita

So the fun and games are over!  Time to compete!  We had ONE minute to pull outfits based on the scenarios given.  Who can shop in one minute... well I can, but still!  Once you pulled the outfit you had to dress yourself in THREE minutes!  Bloggers were eliminated after each round.  Since I was participating I need to collect some photos so that post is coming soon!

Do you shop at Madewell?

Weekend Style in Shorts

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  My was super busy as usual!  I have a busy week as well but some awesome things are going down!  I wanted to update you guys on Peyton's sleeping.  Guess what?  She sleeps ALL NIGHT!  In her toddler bed!  But guess what else... I am so used to her waking up all hours that I still wake up... at all hours.   I hope that changes soon!  Anywho...

On Sunday I took Peyton with me to a blogger event at Madewell hosted by Mattieologie.  Super fun!  Post coming soon!  I took these pictures of Peyton as we were leaving the mall.  I am in LOVE with the first picture!

This baby is just so happy!  She just loves to get too people together so she can swing!

Shirt is Lola et Moi that I purchased from Gilt Groupe.  Shorts are Koala Kids from Toys R Us.  I bought them last summer, they happen to fit this year.  Shoes are Carters that I purchased from Marshalls for $10.  Head band is from Forever 21 for $1.

Peyton is borderline color blocking with he bright shoes and headband.

Love long button up shirts with denim shorts.  Very casual and chic!  I need to get me a pair for denim shorts asap!  I have not had any since H.S!  Will you be sporting denim shorts this summer?

April 27, 2012

Jump for Diapers!

Last Sunday Mimi from Lipgloss and Binky and I hosted Jump for Diapers!  Jump for Diapers is a diaper drive that Mimi and I put together to support Atlanta Diaper Relief at Mighty Jumps Indoor Play Center in Atlanta.

 Mimi and I with the founder of Atlanta Diaper Relief Kia Morgan Smith

The parents would bring diapers and the kids were able to play for free!  WIN WIN!  Little Addison had a ball!
 Kia with Kita from Say What You Wanna

 Kia with Tiffani the Editor for Tastemaker Magazine

 Here with Terrence from Brother Tech
 With Kymberly from Chicest Geek

 The Mister and I
 Peyton helping or telling us she needs changing with the diapers.

 We want to thank the Candy Cake Company for donating the delicious cake pops!

 Special thanks to Riverside Pizza in Johns Creek for sponsoring the food for the event.  They have several locations in the Atlanta area and specialize in the no wait pizza!  They keep pizzas ready!

Super BIG thanks to Mighty Jumps for hosting this event!  If you live in Atlanta you have to take your kids!
 Your Hostess with the Mostess!

We collected over 1600 diapers at this event!  That will supply 56 familes with diapers for the month!!!!  YAY!  Mimi and I will continue our efforts to help raise diapers for Atlanta Diaper Relief.  Please head over to Atlanta Diaper Relief to learn more about the cause and ways you can help.

Thanks again to all the families that came out and Jumped with us!  All the kids had a blast!  Please check the Baby Shopaholic Facebook Page for more pictures from the event.

April 26, 2012

Spring Swapanista Runway Battle

Saturday afternoon I attended the Spring Swapanista Runway Battle hosted by Two Stylish Kays and Pretty Girls Rock Dresses at House of Adrene Boutique.  I attended the fall Swapanista and it was off the hook so I was looking forward to the Spring Battle!

My necklace was my outfit.  I got it at a local accessory shop here in Atlanta, it was less then $10!  The tank maxi dress is from Dots for $15. A co-worker had this dress on and told me how much it was so I ran to Dots. This is my first purchase from Dots and I did NOT have a good customer service experience but I guess for a $15 dress you shouldn't ask for much.

Any who...Back to the Swapanista Runway Battle and Swap Party.

Cute swap bags!

Photo via If I were a Brit Girl
 Event Hostesses Keren and Derika
Eboni of Fashionista Next Door and Birdie of Curvie Birdie

Fab mama to be Charee

The Judges!

The fashion bloggers getting ready to rip the runway in the seasons trends: Color Block, Floral, Tribal Print, Neon and Peplum.

Curvie Birdie
Breck of Fashion Without Guilt
Tami from Talking with Tami

Fly Won
Tia from If I were a Brit Girl

Winner of the clutch filled with gift cards is Fly Won!  She had perfect color blocking!
With my friend Constance.  Looks like I have a baby bump... Umm no, that is left over bump from Peyton!
With my girl Eboni

My cute wedges that I recently purchased from my shoe guy! My toes were not really hanging over, LOL! I was wearing them all day and my feet were sliding, I didn't even pay attention!

What is you favorite trend this season? Color Block, Floral, Tribal Prints, Neon or Peplum? 

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April 25, 2012

The Baby Files

I tried my best to be prepared before Peyton before she came.   I searched online and found the Baby Briefcase at Nordstroms. 

I love the idea and thought it was cute.  I figured I could put something similar together myself.

 I went to Walmart (or Target) and grab a file folder.  I think it was about $6.

I grabbed a sharpie and labeled the dividers.  Birth Certificate, SSN, Hospital Docs, Insurance, Immunization and etc.

 I also had room for manuals, registration for big items, warranties and receipts.

I am sharing this because I went to look for Peyton's crib information so I can get the converter for the toddler bed.  It was right there!  I didn't have to guess and look around for days for it.

How do you keep all your child's (children) info organized?
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