January 31, 2011

Peyton's Weekend Style

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Peyton and I headed out Saturday for the usual.

Since the weather was pretty nice in the A, she decided to wear a puff vest and jeans.  The vest was a gift (same one she wore new years), pink turtle neck, $2 and jeans $3 from Target.

These Nikes were a gift.  How cute are they!  Don't know if you can see the detail but they have little rainbows and strawberries!  Thanks T!

This pic looks pretty old but this is a classic look on Diane Kruger

Sunday Peyton had a social event! Her my BFF baby birthday party at Chuckie Cheese! 

She is wearing and Old Navy corduroy dress $7, cream tights $3 Target, and her tan moccasins (these are about to be too small). 

This is pre-party!  Trust me that hair didn't stay in the little pony tail for long.  More pictures from the party to come.

SJP is sporting the corduroy leggings.

January 27, 2011

Mamanista Maternity Must Haves

When your preggers you don't want to sacrife style just because you need to save for a crib and a stroller.  If you can believe it, I did not go over board shopping for maternity clothes.  Everytime I went to purchase something and kept thinking " I can get something that my baby needs instead".  Here are a few things that I think are must haves when preggers.

Cute flat comfy shoes
Tory Burch flats $195.  I know thats not cheap but you will have them forever and they are really comfortable. You can wear them pretty much all year.

Uggs, $140 are a life saver.  I wore mine all the way till March while preg.  They kept my swollen feet warm and toasty!

Black leggings!  You need to get one for every day of the week!  Any shirt that I had that covered my but, I wore with leggings. I luv the full panel ones.

Soft, long T-shirt.  This shirt is from the Gap, $24.50.  I was one of those preg women that thought I could still sport my old t shirts and ended up looking like a half top.

A few cardigan or shrugs!  Depending on the season select your material.  You do not have to buy maternity cardigans (which tend to be overpriced) and you can wear them long after baby drops.

This wool blend open front cardigan is $30 from Forever 21.

This one is light weight Old Navy maternity shrug for $34.50.

Do your best to find a good pair of comfy jeans.  I was lucky enough  find some at Motherhood for about $20.

Every future mama need a maxi dress! 

I like to call this dress my "Uniform".  This was my go to outfit on the weekend.  I wish I could have worn a dress like this every day to work.
The last thing you should have is a cute scarf.  My chest broke out and my neck turned a different color.  So I had to do my best to cover it up.

These are some basics, but you can jazz them up with some big earrings or long necklace.

What were some of your maternity fashion must haves?

January 26, 2011

Money Aint a Thang!

So Peyton's feet have had a growth spurt so its time to buy her some new socks.

How do you like this?
Yeah, they are Burberry!  and they are $20!  I love Burberry but I would not pay $20 for adult socks.  I could buy a pair of Spanx panty hose for $20!  Plus, Peyton hates socks, she pulls them off every chance she gets. We find them all over the place!  If P had these I would pin them to her jeans. She would also have to rock her clear sneakers because these socks would have to be seen!

January 25, 2011

Let's Celebrate!

To celebrate the new Baby Shopaholic I will be doing my first giveaway! I will be giving away a $20 gift card to Target.

Peyton and I find most of our deals at Target'.... We scored this jogging stroller this weekend for $55!

Click to view large image
This stroller is NOT part of the giveaway

This is the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller. This is not the stroller I blogged about a few weeks back but for $55 it will do!

To enter the drawing for the $20 gift card you need to be 1) a follower of Baby Shopaholic and 2) post a comment on what you would buy or put the gift card towards (since you always spend $50 at Target).  For an extra entry click the link to the Baby Shopaholic facebook page and "like" us, and come back and post a comment that you "like" us on facebook. 

Deadline is February 1st.

January 24, 2011

OMG! Check it out!

Baby Shopaholic has a new design!  Thanks to B's Blog Boutique

What do you think?

Peyton's Weekend Style

Well this weekend wasn't to glamorous but Peyton did manage to keep it casual chic.
Peyton sported this comfy outfit to her 6 month doctors visit.

This is a Carters outfit that I purchased for $5 from Babies R Us.  She is sporting it with her tan moccasins from Old Navy.  Someone is always rocking leopard in Hollywood.

So Saturday Peyton was with Daddy while I ran some errands.  So he took her out shopping.  I will say he dressed her pretty good. 

The black jacket is from Amy Coe and was $5 from Babies R Us, with black skinny pants $5 from Walmart.  I would have thrown a bow or something in her hair so she wont be mistaken for little motorcycle bad boy!  Mister is anti bow... BOO!  I know Peyton is looking happy but she should have told Daddy "you know mama would not want me sitting in this cart like this!"  No straps, no cover, no blanket, no nothing.... my poor baby!

Dakota Fanning is carrying a coat that looks just like Peyton's.
So Sunday we kept it really comfy while watching the Bears lose : (

The long sleeve body suit is from Old Navy about $3 and the jeans are Levi's that Mister purchased from TJ Maxx, not sure on the price. Peep the shoes she is rocking...

They are clear "Nike Air Force One" baby sneakers!  They were purchased by Peyton's Auntie so not sure how much they were.  You can't just put on white socks with these shoes.

Doesn't Peyton look big!  She is!  She is the size of a 1yr old.  I thought everyone wasmaking baby clothes small because I had to buy all 12 month clothes.  Doctor confirmed she is 95% for her weight and off the charts for her height so over 100%.

January 21, 2011

Wish? or Money Aint a Thang?

No secret that I LOVE Gucci!  Well I have had my eye on this Gucci fedora hat for years.  So classic!
Cute huh!  It's $295!  I wanted it because 1) its Gucci and 2) I luv hat and could throw it on and be cute.

Now check this out!  They make this same hat for babies!

 The only difference is they have a teddy bear embossed on the leather Gucci tag.  It's a lot cheaper then the adult hat... $135.

Now tell me... Would Peyton and I look crazy wearing matching Gucci hats?  Is it too much?  Would we look "ghetto fab"?  Should I get a different one?

I'm telling you, if Mister gave me the ok (yeah right) I would get Peyton and I some Gucci hats!  But then I would need another bag to go with : )  I just pray that one day they will put it on sale or show up at the Last Call store!

Let me know what you think?  Mama and Baby Fab?  Or Your doing too much : )

January 20, 2011

The Zoe Report

If you have not subscribed to this daily email, The Zoe Report you should, its ba-nan-nas!  I luv Rachel Zoe! 

Today Rachel's topic was what to wear when your expecting. 

I hope they do a new season following her being preggers and having a baby, sorta like Bethany from Real Housewives of NYC.  Would you watch that season?  How do you think she is handling being preggers?

Mamanista Hearts ASOS

This is what mama got in the mail this week...

These tops are from ASOS.  They are an online store based in the United Kingdom. The gray top was $18 and the blue was $13!  I know the blue pictures says petite..... I am far from petite but for $13 and the style of the shirt I figured I could pull it off.  I tried them both on and they are HOT!

I usually don't buy online but I discovered this store while I was preggers.  I wanted some cute maternity dress to wear beyond the typical dresses. The dress I wore at my baby shower was from ASOS. I paid about $50 for it.

The coral dress is from ASOS also, paid $20.  I wore it to my friend Stephanie's wedding.  Isn't she gorgeous! Hi Steph!

Check them out, they have some hot stuff!  They also have ASOS Curve which is a plus size collection.  They are offering free shipping on any order to the US!  It will take about 2 weeks to get your order so plan ahead!  Man I sound like I am working for them but I just like the stuff! 

Here are some cute maternity dress they have right now.

Image 1 of ASOS MATERNITY Cowl Neck Dress

Image 1 of ASOS MATERNITY 2 in 1 Dress

January 19, 2011

Check Me Out Aubree

This week check out Aubree Nicole from the Chi! Go Bears!
This beautiful chameleon will be 3 years old in a few months.  Shows us her cutie pie sweet side in this plaid pink pea coat from Walmart $16, Old Navy jeans $10, and Chuck Taylors!

Gossip girl Leighton Meester is rockin her plaid pea coat.

 Then Aubree switches it up and shows us her Diva in Training side! I luv the big girl hairdo! Aubree is rocking a floral Old Navy shirt that was $6.

Floral prints can be worn all year long but boy I can't wait for spring!  Selena Gomez is sporting her florals with jeans also.

If you are interested in having your baby featured send me pictures and info to iheartpeyton at gmail.

January 18, 2011

the Shopaholic is Back!

We are not at a 100% with the shopping but we have been finding some great deals!

I almost forgot about these....
Peyton luvs her hair accessories.  While in the Chi there was a store that had all accessories for $1! These look like the ones that folks on the kiosk are trying to sell for $5 and up. I stocked up on Peyton some hair clips and a few pieces for Mamma.

I finally broke out of the house after the snow storm and headed to Target.  I got these two skirts for $3 each!  They are so cute!  I figure Peyton can wear them now with tights and then in the spring with sandals.

Then  Sunday we hit up H&M!  OMG!  Look what Peyton and I found...

The quality and detail of this dress is awesome!  The shrug is not attached so Peyton can wear it with other outfits.

Isn't this dress too cute?  It was 5 bucks!

How cute are these pants?  The tan ones actually have a gold sheen to them.  HOT!  And the jeans are high waist...  I can't wait for Peyton to rock these.

And this...

Yes, you read right!  $1.  The top is a peasant style shirt and the pants are velvet polka dot harem pants. Trust me, I would have gotten more but it wasn't to much left or Peyton could not fit.

January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes Red Carpet

I don't really watch the awards but I luv the red carpet!
Here are some fab moms to be on the red carpet.

Jane from 30 Rock looks hot!

Here is my FAV look!
Eva rocked the mess out of this Zac Posen dress!  I am sure it will be on the best dressed list.

This is not my fav but Halley Berry SHUT IT DOWWWN!  I don't think I looked this good at 21!

Now this look below... HATED IT!  Joan Rivers is going to rip her a part!
 I never knew what the big deal was about Zac Efron... but this year can I say he is looking FINE!  It's like he grew up or something.
Tell me who were your favs on the red carpet
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