January 13, 2014

Faux Fur Style Challenge

Who doesn't love a fashion challenge?  I'm participating in a faux fur style collab with a few other fabulous ladies (see below).  Each of us are showing how we wear faux fur.  Faux fur can be a serious addiction!  Instead of wearing my white snow princess coat again, I decided to wear my Leslie Tessler faux fur collar with my navy cape
Collar and cape, Leslie Tessler | Sweater, Nordstrom Rack | Joe's Jeans | Bracelets, Madison Main | Elliot boots, JustFab

Since I'm a super mom, it's only right that I have a fierce cape.  This Leslie Tessler cape is such an classic and incredible piece.  No matter what size you are, you can rock this cape and serve up some serious style.  
I love that I can remove the faux fur collar and wear it with other sweaters and coats.  
These over the knee boots made of real leather are from the JustFab Luxe collection.  I purchased them during the $49 Luxe sale.  Who could pass up $50 leather boots?
How do you rock faux fur?  Be sure to check out how the other bloggers wear faux fur.


  1. Love this look!! I need a cape in my arsenal and those boots!

  2. Such a lovely take on the trend Trina! Loving the cape too - you wear it so well!

    Bold Subtlety

  3. You look fabulous, love the cape with the faux fur collar!

  4. ahhhhh! That cape! Great Look!

  5. Loving all of the looks. Capes are my new BFF so now I need a navy one like yours. I have a camel colored cape. Wonder what my detachable fur collar would look like with it. Time to experiment!

  6. Just have to say you look AMAZING fresh faced! Wow! Have a wonderful day x

  7. Trina, I love this look! That cape is fabulous girl!! I think I may need one in fact! You are working it! So glad we did this challenge!

    xo, Kenya


  8. I'm going to have to check my boutique again on JustFab for those boots.

    Love the faux fur look. Looks warm!

  9. Love this look. Love the cape and how the boots go with it!! Awesome!

  10. LOVE the cape! I have been looking for a cape like this forever! Fabulous look!

    P.S. Welcome to the Tribe lady!

  11. 1) faux fur has been my fall/ winter obsession. I want all the faux fur things. ALL of them.
    2) that cape is the business and now I need to add that to my list of cold weather wants. even though it's currently 80 degrees in Cali. Boo.

  12. Trina, you look so cute!! I love it from head to toe!


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