January 21, 2014

Makeup Makeover

Being a product junkie has its pros and its cons.  Besides having a ton of makeup that you may not get to test, your bathroom counter starts to look like the clearance rack in the back of a bargain basement.  Luckily, I have my own vanity and sink so I don't have to hear Mister complain too much about my mess.  My counter was so cluttered and crazy that it was hard for me to get ready. I needed a makeup makeover!
The mess on the left is my huge train case I've been using for about 3 or 4 years.  I have to dig every morning to find products.  I can barely close it up.  Sadly, that isn't even all of my makeup.
I gave my counter a deep cleaning.  I went through my train case and pulled out all the product that I use on the regular.  I know, it's still a lot of products but unlike Beyonce, I didn't wake up like this.

I went to The Container Store and purchased 2 drawer sets, two canistersone four section box, and drawer organizer container.  I organized my makeup in the drawers by the area of face I use the product.  
  • Concealer, foundation and powder
  • Blushes and bronzers
  • Eyeliners and mascaras
  • Lipstick and lipgloss
  • Eye shadows
  • Lip liners
  • Large eye shadow pallets, makeup remover, and other frequently used products in the tray on top of the drawers.  

Since the makeover, I've been able to get ready faster and my counter stays clean.  Next makeover will be under my cabinet.  How do you store your makeup?


  1. I use the muji acrylic drawers, I've got a 5 drawer one and a 2 drawer. I've has them for about 3 months now and it's life changing, I used to keep my makeup in a bunch of small makeup bags.

    1. I LOVE the MUJI drawers. This is my setup. http://instagram.com/p/iz6WZuCHKU/

  2. Oh that looks pretty! I have mine in 2 travel make up bags... awful I know.

  3. Ha hilarious. I really dont use makeup. I keep it all in my makeup bag and just take it into the bathroom when I am putting it on. Love how you have it now.

  4. I just did this too!! What a difference it makes in the morning!! I save do much time!!

  5. I'll be making a stop at The Container store this weekend. I could use the canisters. Well done organizing.

  6. Did you see my Instagram today?? Totally all about the counter beauty clutter that I need help with!! I love these clear organizers and must check out getting these for myself! Oh laws, let's not even start about what's going on UNDER the cabinets:)

  7. Oh I must run to the Container Store!! I don't have that much make up but I keep mine in cosmetic cases it would be nice to see everything.

  8. I am not a big make-up girl but I love nail polish. I have them stored nicely in heart shaped dishes in my bathroom by color so now they are all organized. When things are organized it's much better!

  9. WOW, it's the little details that make a huge difference.

  10. Woah, you have a lot of stuff how awesomely organized it is now. You go gal! I am just starting my make up journey but being organized is a great way to start for sure!

  11. Ok. You just inspired me to get organizing. My makeup is a mess!


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