July 17, 2014

The Diet Diaries: Prepare or Prepare to Fail

I figured out the secret to weight loss success!  The secret is to PREPARE!  It’s that simple.  Well, preparing is not that simple but if you do it you will lose weight.  I never realized how important being prepared is when you are trying to lose weight.  It makes all the difference.

If I walk out the house in the morning without any food prepared, I have already failed for the day. During lunch, I’m looking for the first fast food joint.  I end up charging that day to the game.  So if you walk out of the house claiming you are on a diet without a lunch packed… forget about it.  What is your plan?  Yeah, you may able grab a salad but who wants a salad when delicious fries are on the menu.  I’m just saying.
Here are my steps to food prep tips:
  • Make a list of good and healthy meals you like to eat.
  • Go through you fridge to take inventory and start making your list based on meals you plan to make.
  • Make sure you have containers for your meals. If not, put some disposable ones on your list.
  • Head to the grocery store.  Get everything you need even if you have to make multiple stops.
  • Set aside a few hours dedicated to food prep.  That's a lot of time and your kitchen will be a mess but you're worth it. 
  • Add your meals to your calendar and set reminders.  That way you don’t forget what you planed to cook and eat some fried chicken.
  • Cut up as much fruit and veggies as you can.  Bag up your snacks.  Separate meals in storage containers.  Think grab and go. 
  • Be prepared to do some maintenance food prep mid week.  You may get tired of baked chicken or fish and need to changes things up towards the end of the week. 

Make a separate list of meals for your family.  If you are eating salads every night, your family may not be on board.  Try to modify meals they like to eat to make them good for you.  It’s ok to grab a pizza or nuggets for the family a couple of times a week.  A hot dog or PBJ ain't never hurt nobody for dinner every once in a while either.

Besides running like crazy these last two weeks, I set a side Sunday afternoon to prepare my food.  I plan to get back on track this weekend.  Do you have any food prep tips?  Please share. 


  1. Getting it girl! Prep is definitely key. If I don't do it, I eat any and everything!

  2. this is so true! If I don't prep, Chick-fil-a gets me everytime( those warm chocolate chip cookies...)

  3. You're doing a great job! Fast food and junk food are evil...lol. They just be calling your name and stalkin you...lol.

  4. These are great tips! Proud of you for sticking with it.


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