August 2, 2011

I'm Still Shopping!

With all the Partying and Events going on I have still managed to shop!  I shared with yall what we got the Nordstrom sale here.  It's slim pickings at the store this time of year because fall is coming but it's still hot.  I am so ready for fall, it's my favorite Fashion season of the year!!!  I am so excited to start shopping for Peyton's fall wardrobe but right now I trying to pick sale items I can transition into fall with a jacket or cardigan.

Here are some of the things I purchased for Peyton the last few weeks!

Got these Airwalk sneakers from Payless during BOGO so I think I paid around $7.  These slip off her feet so I don't know if she will really be able to wear them much.

I got these shirts from Target for about $2 each for .  Peyton can wear these with jackets and cardigans when it starts to get cool.

We got these jeweled thong sandals at Target also.  They were $3!  Since they have no back they have been pretty tough for her to wear w/o coming off.

Last week I found these cardigans at Target for $2 each.  Perfect for fall.  Leggings were $1.24.

I figured that Peyton still needed some practical shoes to play in so I got her these sneakers at Target for $10.  Man can she run fast in these : )

I picked up these cute everyday sandals from Payless for $5.  She had these in all white but lost one of the shoes.

I also found these Gold jeweled sandals at Payless for $5.  I figure she can make it to September in these shoes. 

Mister aka Daddy Shopaholic picked up these jeans for Peyton at The Children's Place for $10 each. 

Are you finding anything good in the stores right now?
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  1. You always manage to get some great pieces for Peyton's wardrobe. I love those gold jeweled sandals from Payless....too cute! As usual, I can't wait to have my mini-me so I can be a baby shopaholic like you. In the meantime, I will live through you and continue to be inspired.

  2. just found you blog!!
    love it!

    Check out my new post!
    Would love to have you as a follower

  3. so glad you are still shopping!! i love checking out your loot

  4. She has to be the best dressed baby in town!

  5. oh my goodness! Those little baby jeans with the ruffle hem are SO cute! I love them. hehe. Kiddie clothes are just so cute and small.

  6. Peyton's shoe game is to die for. Adorable!

  7. Good job! She's way more fashionable than me! :)

  8. Your blog makes me want to procreate (but only if it's a girl). This stuff is too cute. I can totally see how having a girl would make me want to shop for her all day! Lucky lady!!

  9. I do BELIEVE that Peyton is more Fashionable than I!




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