August 1, 2011

Peyton's Weekend Style

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This was supposed to post last night.... o wells... Here is Peyton!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I feel bad because there was not too much action for Peyton.  Mister and I had a date early Saturday.  Then I had to kick Mister to the curb to party with my BFF for her birthday!  Of course we had a blast.  I will share more on my girls night out soon : ) 

So Sunday afternoon Peyton wore this while Mister fired up the grill.

Peyton is wearing Beatles onesie from Target we got a while back, with Oshkosh Bgosh Hickory strip shorts that were a handed down from a friend. Her jeweled thong sandals are from Target, paid $3.24!  Too bad they don't stay on, glad I didn't pay too much for them.

I love these old school hickory print shorts. They are classic!  Concert T's are also classic.


  1. Peyton look absolutely adorable. Love that onesie :) She has so much style just like momma does!

  2. She looks cute and comfy :). I hate it when the shoes don't stay on....such a bummer.

  3. Cute! She looks just like mister in the second pic!!

  4. Cutest shorts ever! love her!

  5. She is BeaUtifUl.....Love that shirt!!


  6. Shes is beyond cute! Her little outfits make me want a little girl.

  7. I love It!! baby look so cute and stylish~ FAB~)

    Have Great week Gorgeous!



  8. i love her little face. too cute!


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