July 19, 2011

Ready for Fall: Nordstrom Sale!

So the Nordstrom's Anniversary sale started July 15!  I was actually invited to shop early but because of Peyton's Party and my Girls weekend I had no time : (

This is one of the best sales ever!  This is the sale where they bring out NEW fall items on sale before FALL!  The stuff is 20-50% off!  You can't beat that!

I looked on line to come up with a plan.  I wanted to get Peyton some foundation pieces for the fall. 

1. Joes Jeans! 
I don't even own a pair!  Orig. $54 got them for $34.  That still may sound a little high but I want her to have a few pair of good jeans.  I usually go to Gap and theirs are still about $30.

Look at that cute booty!  Now we need to get some belts.

2. Cute Sneakers! 
I found these cute Pumas!  Org. $40  Got them for $24!

3. North Face Oso Hoodie! 
Love this jacket!  Org. $65 got it for $42.  I think she will get some good wear out of this jacket.  It doesn't get super cold in Georgia until after January.  Plus I had a to get a 3T, Yes 3T!  Told yall this baby was big.  Hopefully she will just grow taller not wider so she can wear next year.

See she lobes this jacket!

I didn't take time to shop for my self but I bumped into some Girl Friends at Nordstom and they were raving about some Steve Madden boots!  I had to see what the fuss is about!

They look better on.  I have skinny jeans on with them in these pics.

Love that red zipper! 

Org. $165, got them for $109.  I have big plans for these boots! Skinny jeans, leggings, skirts...

Fall is my favorite season for fashion!  So I think Peyton's Fall wardrobe is off to a good start!  What are you looking forwarded to wearing this fall?


  1. Dear Trina,

    Looks like you had some fun.

    There is nothing wrong with that.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  2. All three items you bought for baby P are toooo cute! Love those jeans!

    Might have to check those Steve Madden boots out. I was on the website yesterday parusing, while at work. Seen a few things I wouldn't mind getting!

    I like the Fall season too! BOOTS and cute JACKETS/SWEATERS!

  3. so stinkin cute!!!!! love her!!! love those jeans and she rocks it!!!

  4. I have had my eye on those boots for a couple of weeks! I bought my upcoming bundle of joy that same Northface Oso!

  5. BTW.. Joes Jeans fit so good! I bought a couple of pair in Vegas and cannot wait to get back in them!

  6. LOVE IT!! I need to find time to go. But with the big 1 bday party around the cordner its going to be hard. Fun purchases thanks for sharing :)

  7. I love those pumas!! Every now and then I'll splurge on something for my son but he grows so fast I don't want to throw money away.

  8. OMG too cute! I love your baby's style. Those jeans are awesome!! xo style, she wrote

  9. Hi, Thank you so much for finding me. And I am so glad that I found you too! I am so jealous that you have a girl. She is so cute and such a fashionista just like her mommy. The puma's are freakin' adorable, and I love the Northface jacket. You have a great blog, looking forward to more posts :) Am following you now!

  10. You girls are already rockin' the fall gear...those little jeans are adorable! Worth every penny (c: And you are going to get some major mileage out of those boots this season...those red zippers are tdf...Love!

  11. awwwww, those are the cutest things ever!!! :)

    P.S. i have a Perricone giveaway going on right now, i hope you can join! :)

    <3, Mimi

  12. you are a fun shopper!!! :)

  13. This is about the best sale of the year - I love that things from the current season get marked down.
    Well done, bargain hunter mama!

  14. She is a doll in purple and those skinny jeans are super cute!

  15. You did GOOD! What great buys! Joes are my absolute favorite and they are even more adorable that tiny. I will definitely have to get my little lady a pair of those. And, those boots? I LOOOOOVE them. You have great style!

  16. Great bargains!
    I love the jeans. I always invest a bit more in a few good pairs of jeans each season too.


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