August 8, 2011

Peyton's Weekend Style

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I hope everyone had a great weekend.  This is the first weekend since June that I didn't any events or parties to attend!  Yahoo!  Peyton, the Mister and I spent some quality time just chillin!  Too bad it was raining all weekend so we didn't hit the pool.

Peyton wore this heading out to lunch on Saturday.

The jumper is from Baby Gap.  I got it on sale for $10, org. $40!  I was eyeing this early summer!  She is wearing her gold jeweled Payless sandals.  She raided my jewelry armoire and took this necklace.  I questioned it at first but it works!

I would love to have one like this for myself!  HOT!

I need some suggestions from you ladies.  I have a ton of Peyton's clothes from last fall that I want to get rid of.  I have donated and given a lot away but some of it doesn't work (size and season) for the people I know.  I was thinking about EBay, but I don't think I would be charging enough to cover the fees.  Or what about a blog sale? Have you done one? 

I have cute shoes, boots and coats, some never worn.  Sizes are 6-12 months. 

Here is one of the items.
Cute huh!  Your suggestions would be appreciated!

Don't forget!  Pretty Girl Glam Giveaway ends tonight! Enter here!


  1. Yeah you need a matching jumper stat :)

  2. Is there a Once Upon a Child in your area? They buy gently used kids clothes. Or Kid to Kid?

  3. I have so many cute kids clothes that I just end up giving away. :-/

  4. Do a blog sale! I an going to be doing one for a few if my own items and eBay for the more expensive things!

  5. How adorable!

  6. Go Peyton! Already accessorizing all by herself! (c: That jumper is so darling on her, the blue is perfect!

  7. Give ebay a try. They no longer charge listing fees, only a final value fee. You'd be surprised how much you will clear.

  8. I am thinking this is my current favorite outfit of Peytons!


  9. Peyton is just too ADORABLE & of course FASHIONABLE!!!!! :))

  10. she looks cute as always. you can try selling them to a consignment store or etsy?

  11. She is too much!! Do you have a Once Upon A Child near you? I sell there sometimes but a blog sale might work, too!


  12. she is soooo cute!!! I love her romper!!!

  13. She is a doll! Love a good romper

  14. LOVE that romper! Peyton is too cute!

    I think you should totally have a blog sale! I've seen a lot of people have success at them and I've even bought a few things from them. Too bad Peyton and Finley are about the same age! :)

  15. Have U ever thought about doing a shop online to sale a few items?

    Peyton is Pretty! Very Stylish



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