August 24, 2011

I'm a Stalker... Alesya Bags

I can't hold it in anymore!  I am a stalker!  I have been eyeing this bag since I heard about them on the Broke Socialite blog in June.  But I have suppressed my feelings since then.  My current obsession...
The Alesya Bag!

I have to have the Green one!

Just when you thought it could get any better.... It's actually a laptop bag!  WHAT!  Bananas!

So I didn't feel that I had a use for it besides just carrying a HOT bag.  Now, I will be attending some conferences (more about the conference coming soon) so what better way to show that your are a super Smart and FLY woman with this bag! 

Don't you want to STALK!!!  What color would you get?

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  1. I love these purses! I want the green one too! Perfect for fall!

  2. Love this! Reading all these blogs makes me want to go out and buy so much. I bought earrings you featured!

  3. Wow, this purse is adorable! I've searched high and low for a purse that would fit my laptop while being cute and stylish! Super cute, love the tan one.

  4. I love the green, I must check out her blog

  5. Awww... how cute!!!! I too am feeling the green one!!!!

  6. That is so pretty!!! I'll take one in GREEN, please and thank you! ;-)

  7. Love it! I think I'd had o go for the red.

  8. Now these are some fabulous purses! I definitely need one!


  9. Love it.
    The purple one...


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