August 25, 2011

Baby Gap: Fall Shopping List

Baby Gap is one of my Favorite places to shop for Peyton.  This fall they did not disappoint!  Here are a few looks Peyton will be sporting from the Gap this fall!

 Those boots are SICK!  Must Have!

For the Young Men!

All images via Gap

To tell you the truth, looks like I need the same things for my self.  These looks are interchangeable and will make the flyest outfits with any piece. 

What are some pieces you must have for the fall for your or the kiddos?

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  1. Honestly they did NOT! And this little chic is tooo cute!
    It's Peytons turn to model. Simple because she is FASHION! Like 4Real.

    I miss dressing my kiddos. (22&16) now.
    I love this blog!


  2. I wish baby gap would take some of there items and just make them in adult sizes....they have some really cute stuff!!

  3. I love the Baby Gap girl stuff, but I don't love the boy stuff as much. The girl stuff is way cuter, love that purple coat, Peyton needs it!

  4. Love it all and I'm waiting for the sale!!

  5. Love them all and I can see mommy rocking it too! I want that blazer!

  6. Can't wait to dress up my little ones someday. love the little model...she is working the clothes!

  7. Wow... these looks are too cutesy!!!! Peyton, is going to be too FASHIONABLY FABulous... I wish I could FIT into those Bubble Shorts!!!! :D

  8. I love Baby Gap I always got clothes for my big kids when they were smaller. It's like grown up clothes for wee little people!

  9. OMG! I need a kid stat so I can get some of these...or I guess I can shower my nephew with clothes! :) Too cute!


  10. How cuuuute! I think we need to get together, because i as well am a baby shopoholic, and I think we could do some DAMAGE together! HAHA.

  11. My little guy is only 7 months, but I got the fedora for him anyways.. too cute.

  12. OMG...My little man needs those boots!


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