August 5, 2011

Money Aint A Thang!

Happy Friday! 

I am getting obsessed with Fall, especially for Peyton!  You can shop now for Gucci Kids fall collection.  Check it out.

The super fly sweater dress is $230!

Peyton will definitely be rocking scarves this fall!  Love that jacket!  Its $3800!

Ponchos are classic!  I have been wearing them for the last 12 years!  For $295, Peyton would have to do the same.

OK, this double breasted rain coat is sick!  I want to wear this some day!

Look at this DIVA fit.  Did yall see the leggings!  A steal for $130!  She is also rocking Gucci Shades!

All images via Gucci

I heart Gucci but I would be in divorce court if I got any of these items.  Maybe I can find something on sale at the end of the season (for next year).


  1. Ha, I was thinking the same thing, if I bought a $4000 jacket for Lottie he would kick me to the curb

  2. Very cute but not in my budget! My oldest daughter wants to buy Madison some Prada flats we saw at Nordstorm and I told her to please not get them becuse she'll just outgrow them quickly! Instead she could by me a pair! :-)

  3. $3800 Sheesh! Cute but not that cute. lol

  4. These are some really cute outfits!! You gotta be straight ballin!! LOL!

  5. Guh. Yeah, I think I would be at the bottom of a river if I bought any of these for my little girl! But they are completely adorable...that sweater poncho is killing me...but when I could take our whole family on a fabulous vacation for a week for less than the price of the jacket, you know it's a little much! (c: Happy Weekend, girl!

  6. A girl can wish! I'm absolutely in love with the pancho. I'm sure you can find a bunch of these things for a lot cheaper!

  7. LOVE the poncho, but that double-breasted rain coat is so dope. Omg!


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