September 1, 2011

H&M in 15 Minutes

So last week I had a friend that was in Atlanta on business so we were meeting up for dinner.  We happen to be meeting near one of the good H&M's in Atlanta that has children clothing.  So I got to the area and had 15 mins to spare.  I ran in the store like a mad dash, they probably thought I was going to stick up the joint.  I was focused and moving fast!  So here is what I got.

How cute are these tops?  I had to get both colors.  They were $4.95 each!  They are long so Peyton can rock them with leggings and boots.

I heard another shopper yell to her friend "Look at how cute these are".  I zoomed in and she was holding these boots!  $9.95.  HOLLA!!! Since Peyton has her real Ugg boots, won't hurt to have a look-a-like.

That is all I got at H&M but I will be going back with Peyton so she can try on stuff.  Below are some other fabulous items I picked up last week.
Baby Gap had socks for $1.  Love their socks.  Gap Women's section had 50% off of EVERYTHING on Saturday.  If you follow me on twitter, you would have got the news!

Found these belts at Walmart, 2 for $6.  The look like they are for me in the picture but they fit Peyton.

I found these corduroy bubble shorts with matching tights from Target for $12.99.  I was just saying I wanted the ones from the Gap but these were a better deal.  I can't wait for Peyton to shut it down in this fit!

I plan on doing my major Fall shopping haul around mid September.  Where have you been finding the best Fall clothing?

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  1. great finds! The H and M by my house is adults only:(

  2. they have the cutest kids stuff..wish the 2 H&M stores near me actually carried kids clothing. Love those tops :)

  3. I love those tops!

    I haven't done a lot of fall shopping but we picked up a few things at Nordstrom's anniversary sale. She got a bunch of clothes for her birthday and I was so glad! All she needs now is some cute boots and a jacket.

  4. I can't believe the H&M in Chicago doesn't have baby clothes!! Bummer! Cute stuff!

  5. Wow... the boots for $4.95 are too cute!!! I wonder if I can cop a pair in my size for the same price. (Tehehehehe)

  6. Great finds! I was just at Saks and walked through the little girl shoe section and they had tiny Uggs for half off made me think of your little style diva!


  7. you did awesome!! such cute things! I always do best when i dont have much time!

  8. Ugh, I hate we don't have H&M in Charlotte. Cute finds!

  9. You got some CUTE stuff and love those prices. Dang, i wish there was an H&M closer to where i lived!

  10. Yep..Ms. Addison got those boots. They are so cute on! I follow you on Twitter and I missed the Gap must @ me when you see stuff like this!!

  11. 40% lots of the new fall stuff at baby gap this weekend !


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