September 6, 2011

Weekend Style: Baby Shower

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. 

The Mister, Peyton and I headed to Memphis to co-host my BFF Rhonda's baby shower at the Grove Grill Restaurant in Memphis.  Yall not going to believe this!  I went off and left Peyton's outfits for the weekend!!!  I am so ashamed and can't believe it did something like that.  Luckily I had her back up outfits and play clothes packed.  Her dresses were hanging and I forgot to grab them.  Bad Mommy!

Rhonda and I have been friends since freshman year of college so we have seen each other grow.  She went on to do big things like, become a Doctor and marry one : )  I am so happy for her and all her accomplishments.  Her and husband are the sweetest and most humble people and I am blessed to have them as friends.

 The Beautiful Mom!
 Don't you love the dress?  She got it from
 The proud parents to be.

 Peyton crashed the party!

Her baby girl is not even here yet and has two pair of Ugg boots!  Daddy bought them, Lucky Girl!

 The beautiful cake, matches the invitations.

These are the invitations I ordered from Mixbook

Don't you just love baby showers!  What a great occasion to celebrate!  I have hosted 2 this year so I think I am done for the year.


  1. so fun!! I hosted a baby shower too this past weekend, my pic's will be up later this week.

    you all look beautiful:)

  2. The shower was beautiful! Thanks so much Trina! We had a great time 

  3. Gorgeous pictures and how cute is that cake!!!


  4. That mama is gorgeous and glowing! So fun. Best wishes!!

    Um, why are you not linking up on Monday Mingle? You're one of the most stylish mamas I know!

  5. The mommy to be is glowing!!! She is beautiful and I love her dress. Super cute cake!

  6. based on the dress i'm going to have to give ASOS another shot. i ordered some stuff before that didn't quite work out. she looks beautiful. i'm sure the baby shower was fab.

  7. Ooooh, your friend is adorable!!! Makes me miss being pregnant! I wish her and her hubby the best! :-)

  8. Congrats to your bff and hubby!

  9. Congrats to your BFF...CuYuTe pics!
    Yep Baby Peyton stole the show!
    You know she would NOT have it any other way!


  10. Aww, your BFF is beautiful. Congrats to them. The cake and invitations are fab! I love your blog.

  11. awww, her dress is too cute! I love it. such a beautiful mom-t--be...and you and Miss Peyton look gorgeous as usual.

  12. What a beautiful mommy-to-be. I absolutely love her dress. Gorgeous! I hope I look that gorgeous at my baby shower (in the future). The invitations are nice and Peyton looked adorable, as always.


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