September 21, 2011

Last Week Shopping Spree

I planned on being more focused in my shopping for fall.  But I have been running around like a mad women pickup up items here and there.  This is what I got the past week for Peyton.
Cute Moto jacket from Baby Gap.  It was $11, I could not pass that up.
Then I went back to H&M and found these adorable riding pants for $10!  I want some too!
Old Navy has been have a great sale, tops for kids for $5.  I got the shirt above and below.

Now that the stores are stocked with fall items where are you finding the best selection?  For kids or yourself.


  1. these items are sooo cute. I remember when I used to shop for my baby when she was a baby :)

    Now the clothes are bigger & much more expensive! lol

  2. those riding pants are fabulous, I have never seen a pair that tiny!!

  3. Those riding pants are adorable! I have been finding the best selection of clothing for my son.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  4. is it wrong that i want to shop it petyons closet? seriously, you find the cutest stuff for her.

  5. Cute stuff! I have had a hard time finding stuff lately for Keira but Old Navy has been awesome!

  6. I really like that moto jacket and the riding pants. I wonder if they have it Ariyana's size. super cute

  7. Love Old Navy for the kids...little miss lady is going to be so cute this Fall. As always! :-)


  8. Love the jacket and riding pants! Too freakin' cute. I need a girl!

    Less Is More

  9. I keep having to slap my hands to keep from buying clothes. I still have tons of outfits from friends he hasn't worn yet. JCPenney clearance is $2, my sister went yesterday and bought he entire summer wardrobe (I just hope he can fit them)


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