September 20, 2011

Mama's Fall Style

I am normally not one to go with trends, I do my own thing of what I like and what works for me, so I really do not have a set style category.  But if you want to get a feel for what I will be rocking in the fall, this is it!!!

Kim K's look is!  It's perfect!  From the hat, vest, bag... Ok, can't get the bag but something like it!

I already have 3 floppy hats on deck!  Word on the Internet streets is that I may be giving one away soon!!! 

Now I need a fur vest.  I love fur (PETA don't come and get me or throw paint).  I have an old rabbit one but not sure if fits the bill now.  But if I find the right faux one I may consider it.

So you see I have a mix of style.  I guess if I had to say, it would be a Boho, Glam, Urban Lady look. 

My girl at Beach Coast Style posted some looks by Calypso St. Barth that I HEART!  I would just add some funky shoes!

What is your fall style?

Oh, did you see I finally figured out Pinterest!!!  Follow me!  I have a button to the right.  Pinterest = No Sleep!!!


  1. My fall style could be compared to what Kim K has on in the first picture. I am not a trend follower. I just go with what I like and I have always loved the floppy hats. Classic!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  2. Terrific post. I just picked up a terrific faux fur vest at Kohl's. It is JLo's new line and it doesn't make me look like a furry mess;)

    Can't wait to see your outfits in action.


    P.S. Thanks for stopping by OAGJ! Love you blog.

  3. Kim K is ALWAYS FLAWLESS... I'm loving the Floppy Hats as well!!!! Great look for the FALL.

    I have yet to figure out Pinterest or Tumblr... I'm just now getting the hang of Twitter and Facebook keep changing... I need tutorial on all this INTERNET STUFF!!!! Somebody needs to have a CLASS & school me!!!! lol


  4. Love the hats! I have one too but its bent out of shape, So I hope I win the one you may be giving away soon!

  5. This is a great look! Prefer faux fur personally.

    Going to check out Pinterest although I def don't need another time consuming app!!

  6. I love kim's look too! You work it girl...

  7. Hi, i can see you rocking a fur vest :) Me, not so much, will look like a large teddy bear! I've heard so much of Pinterest, but I can barely use twitter, so it's one step at a time. Thanks for the post.

  8. I'll take Kim's whole look. I've been eyeing the floppy hair for a couple of years. Really need to just get it already!

  9. mmm yeah no sleep with Pinterest! I love that site you see how many pins I have. I really need to get a life!

    crap, I missed your post here and I normally never do. I need to get my head off that tv and all the bad financial news!

    Thanks for the link!

  10. Yes, I am all about the hats for fall.


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