September 20, 2011

Fall Nails

While in the mall, I happen to notice that the Trade Secret was closing (that location only, not the company).  I always find great deals on clearance OPI and Essie polish, so I ran in. 

I scored 2 bottles of OPI, Here Today Argone Tomorrow and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees.  Two bottles of Essie Mademoiselle (classic!) and Honey Bun.  I also got the Seche Vite Top coat.  I got all this for $15!!!  The top coat alone is normally $10. Whomp!
Then Sunday I headed to Walgreens to see what I could find for Peyton's cough and saw they had Sinful for $1.  I got 5 bottles!

I love the ombre nail look that I was seeing all summer on the blogs.  I wanted to try it for the fall.  Lauren Conrad, one of my FAV fashionistas was rocking the look all summer.

What better way to try this look with $1 bottle of nail polish???  You would go broke trying to do this with OPI!

I used the dark green OPI, "Here Today Argone Tomorrow" on my thumb aka my "green thumb"

This is what the color looked like after 2 coats.  I was pretty dissapointed that it didn't go on well.

Here is the finished product.  Two coats on each nail except the thumb.  Tip:  Use the same color on thumb and index figure so you only need 4 colors.  $4 Do it yourself nails!

Try this when your in b/w mani's.  What do you think?  Would you do it?


  1. Oops! I posted this by accident... hope you still enjoy!

  2. I do the ombre all of the time in between manicures! I have not tried this color combo yet though. Cute! Seche Vite is the best fast drying top coat!

  3. LOVE this! Great idea! and great finds and prices on those polishes!!

  4. I love the OMBRE look. I like yours!

  5. Genius, I am a huge fan of ombre and what a steal!

  6. I love OPI but you are right it is very pricey. I love black for the fall. I suck at polishing nails. You did a great job!

  7. I think you're DIY mani is so fun!

  8. I sooo wanna start my own nail polish collection... I think I see Walgreens in my FUTURE!!!! :D

    BTW, the colors are FAB!!!!


  9. I've been meaning to try this out but i've haven't found the patience or time. totally cute look

  10. I love how those colors look on your nails. Pretty!!!

  11. Never tried the ombre look but I'd love to try it.


  12. You know I love it! Damn, I missed the $1 sale. You should've told me. Not that I don't already have every color!


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