September 2, 2011

Money Ain't a Thang!

I am an accessory gal!  I love earrings and bracelets.  I like Peyton to change up her jewelry, what a way to start her off with David Yurman if Money Ain't a Thang!!!!

David Yurman Child's Ruby and Sterling Silver Birthstone Bracelet  Shouldn't all little girls have a $325 bracelet!

David Yurman Child's Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Heart Earrings $250!  Peyton has discovered her ears and is now pulling out her earrings.  Not Good!

David Yurman Child's Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Cross Necklace $195, now that is not too too bad, I mean it is but it isn't....

Now Peyton does have the butterfly earrings I got her for her birthday the were org. $125 but I got them for $60.  I can not imagine paying over $200!  Would you spend this much on jewelry for you little girl?  Or what age would you start?


  1. I love David Yurman. I have had my eye on his aquamarine ring for awhile now but Mama Can't afford it. That is a great gift idea for Peyton. I have some Heart Tiffany earrings and bracelet if I ever have a daughter I will give her. It is nice to give them things they will cherish forever!

  2. If anyone is getting a Yurman bracelet it is me!! I wont give my girls anything nice until their 16th b-day. I gave Libby a semi nice bracelet for her first communion and it is already long gone:(

  3. Love this post! You know I love me some jewelry and DY!!!! I love what you chose for Peyton!!! Super cute!! It is expensive though. I think the little necklace is super sweet! My grandma put a gold bracelet on me when I left the hospital after I was born! I think this is why I love jewelry so much! I have been wearing it since day 1!!

  4. Oh, love the David Yurman bracelet.

  5. Great pieces, Trina.

    I'm with Jill my Baby Girl will have to be
    much older before I will risk a loss like that.

    Too much sentiment involved.

    You could always buy one for yourself and wear it until you are ready to pass it along to her.

    Have a great day.



  6. I would but i think i would only let her wear it for pics or something! My daughter has a few very nice pieces since she was an infant but i had to watch her like a hawk wearging them...... besides I love jewelry on my kids....all types! Sofias daddy got her $300 flawless teeny tiny diamond earrings for her 1st birthday and at first i was thinking "too much$$" but diamonds are a girls best friend ...even little girls...LOL. Eventually we took them off and put them away for awhile because she started pulling at them too and we found one on the floor.

    BTW I also started doing some vintage style (very affordable) childrens jewelry in my ETSY shop and I was thinking maybe you might be interested in hosting a review/giveaway :) LMK what you think ....

    my shop is

  7. I started to get real gold jewelry when I was born but it was 24K yellow super yellow gold so that stuff we've just held on to. I got my first 18K yellow gold ring at 12, and my first diamond ring at 17. I think middle school is about the time to get jewelry, grade school they're still running around bumping into things so it'd get lost. They are gorgeous pieces though!

  8. Wow, those are gorgeous but Caroline would lose them in less than 5 minutes. I bought her a bracelet for Christmas ($10 I think) and I have no idea where it is now, lol!

  9. Love that butterfly necklace.

    I'd probably let her wear them on special occasions (ie, a piano recital, graduation from kindegarten, etc.) I'd be so sad if it broke or got lost, so I wouldnt risk it.

    But perhaps once she's 11 or 12, if she has proven that she's relatively responsible, she would start getting more pricey pieces of jewelry.

  10. such a classic! I have a bracelet and I love wearing it everyday! xo Lisa

  11. If money wasn't an issue, yes, I would purchase all of them. But, my husband would kill me, and no one would find my body if I spent that much on jewelry for her right now (she's almost 4). When she is about 10 or so, we will probably spend more on her jewelry. But I do buy her sterling silver and 10k gold, just not over about $50, maybe $75.

  12. I like CHH's idea of buying one for yourself and then passing it on to her when she is a little older. Kids lose stuff... it is just in their nature. Lol! I personally don't think there is anything wrong with buying your kids expensive jewelry if you can afford it...go for it! But, be prepared for them to lose/damage it...and if that is going to be an issue or if it is going to frustrate or upset you, then it is probably best to wait a little while. I knew a guy who bought his 2 year old son a cartier watch, but he kept it in a safe and planned to give it to his son when he was 16, which will be really nice because it will be classic at that point!

    Side note: I had very sensitive ears and I got my ears pierced at 2, so I always had real gold studs and baby hoops BUT not name brand necessarily... just good quality so my ears wouldn't break out LOL. According to my dad, i did lose them a lot though.


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