September 16, 2011

Shopping with a Purpose: Heart of Haiti

Have you heard about Heart of Haiti items sold exclusively at Macy's

Haiti is still recovering from the devastating earth quake last January.  Most of the people lost everything!

Macy's has teamed up with some of the local Haitian artisans with Heart of Hait.  This helps the artisans to recover and provide income for their families with Macy's selling their handmade items online and in Macy's stores.  The artist receive 22% of the retail value of the items.  Isn't this an awesome idea!  Before the quake they were only selling locally, now there items are known throughout the world!  Find out more about Heart of Haiti HERE.

I received a Heart of Haiti Horn Bracelet.  LOVES IT!  I have been rocking it everywhere. 

I wore it dressed up for Fashion's Night Out.
And casual everyday.
They have many more beautiful handmade items. Here are a few.

I think these are great gift ideas while supporting a great cause.
For more, head over to Macy's to check out the collection.

*I was given the Heart of Haiti Bone bracelet for review


  1. Great post, even better now than it gives me a good excuse for shopping,headed to Macy's today :-)


  2. LOVE it! Great cause and love that cuff! Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. That bracelet is lovely! & you look gorgeous!!! :) Cute blog dear!

  4. I love those handmade things, they're just so heartfelt. I need to check out the collection when I go to Macys.

  5. Such a great cause! Rachel Roy had a video on her website on the trip she took with Macy's execs and Martha Stewart down to Haiti. They showed a bunch of great local artists!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. That is a gorgeous bracelet. I really like supporting local artists for good causes so I will definitely check this out. Thanks so much for the post!

  7. I will be getting something to support the cause! Great post... Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  8. Loving your cuff and the whole outfit...You look good!

  9. Love that cuff, and that much more special since its for a great cause.

    But let's talk about that geometric print dress you're rocking! SO HOT!!!! Love it!


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