September 12, 2011

Weekend Style: Transition to Fall

Hope you had a great weekend.  Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  My prayers go out to all that have lost someone or have been affected by this tragic event and hope that you will continue to push on.

Saturday morning Peyton and I did some house cleaning but we could not spend all day at home so we headed to the mall.

 Peyton is wearing a shirt from Target, I am sure it was about $2 and  khaki pants from Old Navy that were $12.  Sandals are from Payless.  Headband is from Claire's Boutique, $4.

 Doing the look at your feet pose.

Sunday Peyton headed to Grandma's with Daddy for dinner. 

Peyton is wearing a Soma top and jean skirt that was given to her for her birthday.  She is wearing H&M fake Ugg boots that were $9.95. 

In L.A.  folks wear boots all year with skirts and shorts.  So I figure this is a good way to bring in some fall.

I wore boots all last week. Are you wearing boots yet? 

Did you take the Shopping Personality quiz?  Well most of yall are Compulsive shoppers like me!  Second is List Shopper and third is Bargain Shopper.   Speaking of Bargains, don't forget Missoni for Target goes on sale tomorrow!!!

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  1. Yay for boots! I was wearing them last week in Michigan.... Hooray! Ps little miss is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! I have 2 boys for her to choose from! ;)

  2. The third picture is the absolute cutest. Peyton is beyond adorable.


  3. TOO CUTE!!!

  4. Omg, if she isn't the cutest little thing! LOL - Peyton's got those poses down pat.

    I love boots in the fall - I havent started wearing them yet but ONLY because i need a new pair from last year. As soon as i get some i'll start rocking them.

  5. So cute! She is working it!

  6. Love her face int he first photo!! So aware and cute!

  7. My goodness, Peyton is the cutest thing. She's beautiful and I love her name. Is it bad that i REALLY, REALLY look forward to having kids so I can dress them up adorably like this?!

  8. I can't even take it. Her pose in photo 4 made my mouth drop open. #Love This is such a cute post.

  9. such a trendy little girl! I love her flower headband

  10. Love her fake Ugg boots. Lily wore fake Payless ones all last winter, she loved them. This year she got pink real Uggs as a hand me down from her cousin. She is loving them.
    I am not wearing boots yet but can't wait to. They are my faves!!

  11. I love baby uggs! We are just packing our uggs away now that Spring is here in Australia.

  12. What a lucious head full of hair! She is a doll in those boots! I better get some for Aviva to kick around in! Peyton knows she has style, I can tell by the way she looks at that camera!

  13. OMG!!! LOVE HER!!!! love those uggs and I LOVE that celebrity comparison! Wow, ok I need to start doing that! haha. You rock! Can we baby shop together? haha!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  14. I've decided to become your daughter so I can have cute stuff too! Thanks so much for visiting. I'm actually in the process now of ordering new baby uggs for my Lady C!!

  15. Ok w8! Baby Peyton is how old again? Hmmmph she take pics like she been here before! What..

    Yepper she owning her OWN!



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