September 7, 2011

What is Your Shopping Personality?

This is pretty wordy but should be fun.

I was watching some morning show special a while back and they were talking about Shopping Personalities.  Shopping is a big part of my life so I wanted to find out more info.  I found this interesting article with some cool info.  I have copied and pasted the article.  My comments are in italics / highlighted.

Here are 8 types of shoppers and what their buying habits show. Find out which type you belong to.

LIST SHOPPER - You make shopping lists because you consider your budget and the needs of your household carefully. In general this means that you are considerate of others' feelings and needs, as well as organized and reliable, but sometimes you are not as flexible as you might be-and that could cause problems. However, the female list shopper tends to deal well with her children. Her children know that they can depend on her. I make list but not for budget purposes!
SCHEDULED SHOPPER - Shopping only on certain days and carefully planning the shopping in advance give you more time for leisure and other things. You know how to save time and money and serve well-prepared meals, but you tend to have a rigid personality, always wanting to keep to some schedule. Your inflexibility can occasionally cause you to be depressed. Also, your compulsive behavior can drive others away because no one can relax around you. I like to shop on days that I have the most time, I hate to be rushed.  No meal planning involved but what restaurant I would like to go to while I am out.

HAPHAZARD SHOPPER - You have a busy and interesting life and can barely spare time for shopping, but you may have friction at home because you tend to buy more than you need and pay higher prices. This can also cause you to feel dissatisfied with yourself. You are susceptible to being fast-talked by salesmen. Look for ways to get better value for your money.  I do have a busy life but I find time to shop.  I am getting better at buying more then I need.  Salesmen don't scare me!

BARGAIN HUNTER - You are a secure type of person who knows how to wait for what you want in life. You are mature and you think highly of yourself. I think this is me!!!!  Does a bargain on Gucci or Burberry count?

IMPULSIVE SHOPPER - You are swayed by color and by advertising and you sometimes buy just because others are buying. This often leads to dissatisfaction with yourself because you didn't give any thought to your purchases. You are insecure and have a hard time making decisions. Your impulsiveness can hurt often your relationships with others. I am impulsive as in buying something that I plan on, but it was must likely a deal!  I hope I haven't hurt relationships with others!

BUYING AND RETURNING -You're partly an impulse buyer and you tend to be insecure in your personal life. You don't take stock of what you need and then you end up being uncertain and return things. OK, I buy and return because if its a great sale, I buy everything and try it on when I get home.  I take back what I don't want to keep.

COMPULSIVE BUYER - You have a tremendous appetite for everything, including food. You know all about fashions, furnishings and prices, and you are willing to share your knowledge with others, so you enjoy good relationships. BINGO! Hence this blog!

LAST-MINUTE SHOPPER -You are tardy in general and easily distracted, but you tend to be pleasant and friendly and have high self-esteem. You are flexible and will take whatever is available if you can't get what you really want. Not so much me, I plan ahead.
I think I am 10% scheduled/ haphazard, 20%  buying and returning, 20% impulsive, and 50% compulsive.  So I guess I am just a compulsive shopper.

So which shopper do you think you are?  I know some people may want to remain anonymous : ) so please take this poll so we can see how we measure up.  You can select more then one answer if you feel you are a combo.  Hopefully I am not the only person with a problem!

I will recap the results later this week.
* This is just for fun, results will not be used for any crazy marketing, sold or etc...


  1. I'm definitely a list shopper! I make lists for everything! I'm sure at times I fall into the other categories as well. xo Lisa

  2. This was a fun read! I think I am 80% List Shopper and 20% Schedule Shopper mostly because I like to plan my shopping. I don't think it's because of a budget or because I'm rigid or compulsive.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I am mainly compulsive but a little impulsive!

    What a fun post:)

  4. I think I have a good mix of all of them.... All I know is that when I saw the picture of all of the bags I think I will do some online damage today..... Thanks ALOT!! :) xo

  5. i am the queen of buying and returning. i think that's because i do most shopping online. barely have time to hit a store. :(

  6. Ahhh – this was FUN!!!! Great Post… I think I am ALL of the ABOVE!!!! lol

    ~Thanks for sharing

  7. This is such a cool quiz! I am definitely going to take it - thank you for posting!

  8. This is so neat but, then you are forcing me to reveal my bad shopping habits! I really want to take this quiz. It might help me save some money after I think about all the stuff I have bought I really don't need for the sake of a sale. oops!

  9. i probably didnt need to take the test lol i shop atlast 4 times a week at the mall not including the stuff i buy online! i have a pretty bad habit! i just gave birth and had to make my extra bedroom that was used as my closet into my daughters room it took me 9 months to get rid of stuff and i still have too much but its stuff i love lol

  10. honestly, I think the shopper in me can fit into every category. I'm a scattered shopper, sometimes on a list, sometimes compulsively, sometimes for sales or sometimes i'll take months off. hahah

  11. yay for Pinterest!! You life is now over... xo

  12. Hmmmm I would say LIST Shopper. I usually have to write most things down. Grocery/personal/household items. If not, my family would buy EVERYTHING!

    Now on the other hand, I will buy a GUCCI or FENDI right out of the store. If I can catch it in a boutique, It's MINE!
    This was a gr8 post! Can't wait til you return with the results.
    Pinterest is a place I just sit and discover!


  13. Very interesting! I think I could be some of all of them. Most days I try to consider the budget, but if I happen to have a few extra dollars, I might make an impulsive purchase. ;)

  14. When it comes to groceries, I am totally a List Shopper! I won't set foot in a store without my grocery list. Without it, I feel all discombobulated and disorganized! LOL

  15. Oh gosh, I think I am definitely one part IMPULSIVE and one part COMPULSIVE but I don't feel bad about either one LOL! I just need more money to support my habit :)


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