September 13, 2011

Missoni Mayhem

I am sure everyone knows the Missoni for Target line dropped on Tuesday.  Like most of you I was excited for this line.  All the items looked amazing.  I got caught up in the madness!

So I got up early on Tuesday and arrived at Target at 8:02am, they opened at 8.  When I got to the section the racks already looked half empty.  I had to focus on what I was doing so I didn't take any pictures.  But ladies already had shopping carts full.  I was no better, I grabbed a cart and filled it up.  I grabbed everything I thought I would like.

Lucky for me, the "zig zag" skirts or dresses did not look good on me so I wasn't torn over any of the clothing items.  I didn't plan on getting much for me because I know the whole world will be rocking Missoni.

So here is what I ended up with...

 Velvety coat for Peyton $40
 It's way to big, so I am going to exchange it.  Hopefully some will be left (doubt it). 

Hat and Glove for Peyton, $17!  (Not to wear with that coat) Yeah, I know... $17, this may go back, got caught up in the hype!
Dress for Peyton $30.  Classic!  This is a keeper!  Hopefully she can wear it next year too.

Silk scarf $20 and beanie hat $17 for me.  On the fence about the scarf still, I don't really wear silk scarves that much.

Lovely cardigan $50 (not the dress).  I was going to model it for you but I am too tired.

Then I went back at lunch because I felt like I missed something and the racks looked like this...

So I got these journals.

It was a exciting day!  With the stores selling out and crashing!  That what its all about! 

Overall I think the line is great but some of the items were a bit pricey and I got caught up in the Mayhem and paid them. 

What did you get from the Missoni line?  Was everything gone when you got there?


  1. Girl, you got some cute stuff! I love Peyton's dress!

    I had my eye on those throw pillows. Hope they've got some left when i head to Targe' this weekend. (But I doubt it - lol)

  2. You got really great things! That jacket and dress... total winner! And I really like the silk scarf.

  3. i was going to get a few things and then i found myself getting caught up in the hype and getting things i didn't even really want. i'll try it again tomorrow and probably end up with a journal! HA! :)

  4. I hadn't heard about it until today because it was all the buzz on Twitter.

    Your daughter looks adorable. I think I'll check out this new line once the buzz dies off a bit.

  5. Wow, love all the stuff you got. I really didnt see any of that. Thanks for rubbing your gorgeous purchases it in our faces :)haha

  6. You did great! I was at home recovering from a cold so after the 5 months of anticipation I missed out! The items are all gorgeous and I would love a journal and that coat for your little girl is TOO cute, wait for her to grow into it ;D

  7. Hmmm It was M.MayHAM!
    So I thought I could go back later that afternoon!

    I could NOT even get a journal!

    can a SistaBlogger get a journal please....


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