January 7, 2013

Weekend Style: Baby Spa Day

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Welcome to the first full work week in 2013!  Boo!  Last week I took Peyton for a spa day at Glamour Girls Day Spa!  Sad that a 2 year old gets a spa day before Mama!

Shirt, Baby Gap/ Pants, H+M/ Ugg Boots, Nordstrom/ Coat, Baby Gap (similar)/ Headband, Gymboree/ Necklace, LMA
It has been pretty cold in Atlanta so we had to break out the big coat.  I scored this coat at Baby Gap on clearance and paid about $25! 

Rocking her Love My Alannah Necklace!

How does little mama get a pedicure and I don't?
At the end of her spa day at Glamour Girls Day Spa they let the little girls dress up and walk the pink carpet.  Her comes my little princess!
Peyton heard me talking about getting so she set up a little nail shop on her crayola art table and stool!  I thought it was so cute how she set up the polish.  I thought Mister help her do it but he said he didn't.  Sweet baby tried to help her mommy out!  The end result was a hot mess but she had fun.

How often do you get out for spa and beauty appoints?  Or do you just take care of it at home?


  1. I'm loving all of Peyton's facial expressions and she's working the runway. I try to get a mani & pedi at least twice a month but lately it's just been once. I'd love a day at the spa. I get a massage at least once a year, not enough.

  2. Awe how cute! Peyton is just a doll!

    Happy New year!

  3. This is so cute! Can't wait to do this with my daughter.

  4. Too cute! Go head P with you SPA DAY girl!!! LOL

  5. P is a DIVA!!! I love it! She is too stinking cute!

  6. I agree with Cam, P is a diva and so cute. She's a sweetie for trying to help out mama. Love it!

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  8. ok, too cute. Peyton is stylish just like her mom. :)

  9. She's gorgeous! Enough said!!!


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