January 5, 2013

Before + After: Comodyne BB Cream Review

BB Creams have been flooding the beauty scene this last year.  I had no clue what they were so I asked my girl Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor for answers.  BB stands for Blemish Balm and has been big in Asia and is now taking the US by storm!  I recently received the new BB cream from ComodynesBB Color Skin Perfector  Maybe I haven't been paying attention but I was happy to find out a brand made a color to make my skin color.  

  1. Moisturizes – Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes the skin in depth, maintaining optimum moisture levels;
  2. Anti-Wrinkle – Hazelnut Extract with its triple renewing, regenerating and restructuring action, re-densifies the skin, increasing its elasticity and firmness;
  3. Smoothes - Fomes Officinalis extract smooths the skin’s surface while reducing the size of pores;
  4. Anti-Oxidants – Vitamin E inhibits the action of free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin;
  5. Illuminates – its triple combining of illuminating pigments unifies skin tone, covering imperfections and diminishing dark circles;
  6. Protects – UVA/UVB filters protect the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation and prevent the appearance of spots.

Me before putting on the Comodynes’ BB Color Skin Perfector.  To keep from scaring you away I put on some concealer and threw on some brows.

Here is a up close of my Fivehead!  I don't really have to many skin issues but I do get a few red spots and visible pores.  
I like to put my foundation on in spots and then spread it around from that area.  So there spots across my forehead cuz it's big and a good amount on each cheek.  I added a dot to my nose after I took this picture.

After using my finger to rub the Comodynes’ BB Color Skin Perfector in and then used my foundation brush (from Target) to blend better at the hairline.  

My fivehead after with makeup.

Tah Dah!  What do you think?

My overall review is that this is pretty awesome and I am HOOKED!  The Comodynes BB Color Skin Perfector felt more like I was putting on moisturizer than a foundation.  I think the cream gave me a great light coverage with out looking like I was wearing makeup.  At the end of the day my face did not feel dirty and caked.  I even felt like I could get away with out using my normal moisturizer before applying the cream.  Since trying the product I have been using it everyday!  I never used foundation everyday because it felt so heavy and my face felt so dirty at the end of the day.

I would be happy to recommend Comodynes BB Color Skin Perfector to folks looking for a light to medium coverage.  I don't think it will cover dark scars and serious discolorations.  You would probably need to use concealer first.  The only draw back I have with Comodynes BB Cream is it only comes in two tones, medium and dark.  I used the dark and I am pretty light for a women of color.  Hopefully they will add more tones because I think this cream is pretty awesome.  The price is right at $25 and I feel it stands up to all of its claims.  You can get more info on Comodynes BB Color Skin Perfector HERE!

Have you tried any BB Creams?  Do you like them?  Or do you wear foundations

* Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post.  I did receive a sample of the product for review purposes.  Opinions are my own.


  1. Yes I love BB creams... But don't try the L'oreal one! I think I prefer tinted moisturizer though! I wear foundation when I'm going out.

  2. BeatFace Only1/5/13, 11:52 PM

    In what universe are you "pretty light for a women of color"?? you are solidly brown skin

    ps your concealor is the wrong shade and the wrong undertone..it looks pinky beige therefore gives you that light white clown triangle under your eyes.

    1. LOL! Ummmm Okay! You obviously missed the point of the statement and went somewhere else with it but that is your issue. What is your blog? I would love to see what kind of info and tips you provide.

    2. I think it looks very nice on you. I too am a little confused with the response received about your skin tone. I would not consider you brown at all. There are atleast 5-10 shades between you and brown. I was actually considering the product until I read your statement regarding there being only 2 tones available. If your complexion is considered 'dark', this line would not have anything for me as I am NO WHERE near your complexion! Thanks for sharing. -Neb

  3. Am in love but maybe I need to waite and see If I can find my perfect tone! Kudos!

  4. I saw this on Trina in person and it looks great!

    I don't know why her comment about being "pretty light for a woman of color" would cause someone to leave such a nasty comment. She IS light. The point was that it's "funny" (for lack of a better term) that the "Dark" would be a match for her skin tone being that there is a WIDE range of MUCH darker skin tones than hers. For instance I use the "Dark" shade in Sleek MakeUP's BB Cream and I'm dark skin (NW47)---that's a HUGE difference between this brand's "dark."

    Also it looks like flash is being used in these pictures which would cause a brigthening concealer to look a different color in photos.

  5. It looks and works really good!!

  6. I laughed all through this post (about you not wanting to scare people and having a 5 head) and at your reply in the comments! Looks good. I will have to check out BBs soon.

  7. I like that on you. Love the fact that you use a brush to apply it. I am eagerly awaiting Iman's BB cream. I love her products.

  8. LOL at your Fivehead! I hate wearing foundation, it always makes me feel like i have something caked on, so I am always looking for alternatives. This looks nice and natural. I think I'll try it! Oh and LOL at your response to your comments.....

  9. I've heard a lot about these BB creams. Haven't tried them but I'm going to pick up one tomorrow with my CVS gift card and see how it works.

  10. Oh this is nice girl! I am going to DEF have to try this and of course I need to know what color you used since I can NEVER find my correct color! LOL And girl you so crazy with that "Fivehead". You do not!!!!! LOL

  11. I've been looking for a good BB Cream. I'll have to try this one out.

  12. I can't wait to try this. You sold me when you said it felt more like a moisturiser. I have dry skin, and I usually end up mixing my foundation with a little moisturiser anyway, so this sounds like a good medium.

    ...and ummm, with regards to "BeatFace Only" and her comments regarding your skin tone?? I am so confused. Lol! #1 - why does she care that you called yourself light? #2 - Clearly, you ARE light, and the whole point was that it is interesting that the darkest color available is still light enough for you. They are definitely going to have to do better with that for our brown sisters #3 There ain't nothing wrong with your concealer.

  13. Looks Good...I may have to try this myself!!! Dont worry about the comments...I often wonder why people go around and put negative comments on blogs...its stupid and a waste of time! You can say whatever you want on this blog, BECAUSE its your BLOG!!!!

  14. I have the same 5 head issue.

    The finish of the cream look snice on you. It sucks when the darkest shades of products are too light for our skintone. That can easily be corrected with a powder or just add your foundation to it to make it work or just use it as an under makeup base.

    Are you going to try the iman BB creme? I ordered one for myself.

  15. Looks really beautiful

  16. I'm about to review L'Oreal's and was searching for more info before it arrives and saw your review! This is awesome and sounds like it'll be perfect for me. I had heard so much about them and finding a brand that makes a shade for me has been part what was holding me back. I have a standard concealer and foundation which work fine and have kinda been dreading going through the exploration of finding a BB cream that matches my skin. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  17. It looks great on you. I just bought Maybelline's BB cream and they have a wider range of tones, but not too many for a WOC; I got Medium Deep. My sister said that Iman is coming out with a line of BB creams for WOCs, but she hasn't seen them in the stores yet.


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