January 4, 2013

Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club + Fierce Flattery

Happy Friday!  I am being featured for Fierce Flattery on Artia blog (HERE).  She asked me a few question about blogging and tips I would give to someone starting out!  Please head over and show a girl some love and find out what I least like about blogging!!! (HERE)

I belong to a few shoe and beauty shopping clubs but I may be most excited about is Wittlebee!  Wittlebee is a kids monthly clothing club that sends you a customized box of clothing for your child with about 6 items valued at $100 all for $39 a month!  #Score!

We just received our first box and it included this little blue outfit that Peyton rocked on NYE.  Tights, Zutano/ Boots, Ugg/ Headband, F21

I got a little excited when I saw the Wittlebee box included at tutu!!!

Simple but chic blue tutu outfit!
Cotton shirt with a corduroy skirt.

Cute giraffe shirt and thick leggings.

I was pleasantly surprised with the box.  I thought it would be a bunch of ugly t-shirts and off season clothes but it was far from it.  The clothes are super cute and great quality!  When you first sign up on Wittlebee you take a short survey that ask you about your kid's size and style.  Very easy!  And then this wonderful box showed up!  I am hooked!

Do you belong to any shopping or sample clubs?  What do you think of Wittlebee?  To find out more about Wittlebee click HERE!

*This is NOT a sponsored post.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Those are cute! I was about to ask if the boots came with it! SHe looked adorable.

  2. Wow, super cute. I'm gonna have to check it out. Peyton is working her NYE outfit, too cute.

  3. Ummmm.....I think we totally need Wittlebee in our life!!!!! Really cute stuff....

  4. I heard about wittlebee ... Definitely plan on checking it out!!!

  5. I'll have to check this out. I haven't done any box programs because I don't want all those beauty products collecting dust in my bathroom, LOL! A clothes box I could get into though!

  6. Some cute stuff! Glad you like!

  7. I've been with Wittlebee since they started - they were great initially, but have really fallen down these past four months. It is a real pity, now the only people who tend to get good items are those who are blogging about it. Girls items are still better than boys, but both are sub-par. Was a great idea, but grew too big to continue the stellar service.

  8. I am curious how your membership is going now? I have been with them for awhile and it isn't going well. downward spiral in fact. Can you update us


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