January 28, 2013

Weekend Style: New Kicks

Hey Ladies!  I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Ours was pretty good!  It was a combination of trying to get some rest and make it out to a few events.  I totally missed the SAG red carpet Sunday night!   I plan on getting my scoop from the blogosphere!  Anyway, check out my baby doll in her fabulous new kicks!

 Jacket, NorthFace/ Shirt, Wittlebee/ Jeans, Old Navy/ Sneakers, Nike c/o Kids Footlocker

 Cute little shirt from the children's clothing club, Wittlebee.

Peyton loves her new Nike Jordan's showing them to everybody!  How cute are these classic Spizike Jordan's from Kids Foot Locker!  Even though the boys have the upper hand in the gym shoe department, Kid's Foot Locker has so many super cute lil sneaks to choose from for girls.

Sneakers are having a big moment right now!  With everyone rocking the classics and wedges, it's hard to resist!  I have not been into sneakers since 1996 but I have the urge to snag a cute pair!  Running after a 2 year old, that is probably not a bad idea!  Are you a sneaker chick?  Or do you want this trend to go away?


  1. I'm not a big sneaker person, usually only for the gym.

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. I'm not a sneaker chic, but I used to be. I've been thinking about buying at least one pair to have because they are always good to have when running around on a Saturday.

    By the way, your baby is so cute! She looks beautiful.

  3. Sneakers all day!! LOL! I don't think the trend ever really went away. It just depends on if you're into sneakers then more than likely you always have the latest and greatest. I would consider myself a sneaker chick/sneakerhead. But of course I have the ability to mix it up whenever necessary - sneakers or heels!

  4. I don't wear sneakers much but I did get a pair of wedge ones and I love them. Madison has two pairs of Jordans and doesn't like wearing them I'm guessing because they're hi-top. She wears her what she calls her running shoes (nike track sneakers) and would wear them every day if I let her! She loves being comfy.

  5. I just told Adrian I wanted a pair of AF1s or a pair of Jordans. He just laughed at me. Seriously I do think I am going to get a pair of fresh white ones for summer.

  6. I kinda hate sneakers!! Probably b/c my feet are so big they look gigantic in tennis shoes. :-)

  7. im a sneakerhead so this is right up my alley

  8. Classic shoes and classic pic!


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