August 20, 2014

Picture Day Outfits

Most kids are back to school by now.  Now we need to think about picture day!  We may not be able to control how they smile but we can at least make sure they are dressed the part.  I like to dress Peyton in a more classic and timeless outfit for school pictures.  I don't want her to look back and ask me what the heck did I make her wear.  Here is a little inspiration to create your child's picture perfect look. 

As you can see, I'm a fan of color and prints for picture day.  Solid colors just don't add anything to the photo, especially if the picture is on a white back drop.  Don't do what your parents did to you.  LOL! Make sure to get the kiddies ready for picture day.

Do you have your child's outfit picked out already?


  1. Major cuteness! Can't wait to see her school pictures - she's already a pro!

  2. Love the osh kosh for boyz! SO cute!! OMG, picture day already? HMPH! My boys are not even in school yet!

  3. I haven't even thought about picture day but I'm loving these looks. I picked up an overall dress from Target recently now I have an idea of how to style it! Super cut outfits.

  4. Super cute outfits, I’m so excited due to our schools providing the parents with the picture day date in advance. I plan on being his stylist for the day, LOL


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