April 10, 2013

Baby and the Beach

Peyton is still going on and on about her trip!  She is telling everyone about the dolphins, the turtles, the hotel and the beach! I can't wait to take her on another vacation! Here is my baby at the beach!
Biking, Baby Gap/ Floppy Straw Hat, Baby Gap/ Cover-up, Old Navy

Peyton took to the beach like a professional!  She went straight to work building her sandcastles and finding shells!  She didn't letting the waves hit her toes but that was it.  I thought we would escape from the beach without Peyton getting sand in her hair... WRONG!  She decided she wanted to do front flips in the sand (on her head) and make "sand" angels!  Still washing the sand out of her hair!

Do you kids love the beach?


  1. Aww too cute. Look at the pute joy on that little face.

  2. Those pink painted toes and that hat? Perfection. Your girl is adorable!

  3. Awwwww, look at beach baby Peyton. I love her mini two piece. She is still killin it on the beach. Love her style and that hat...

  4. My son loves the beach... Peyton looks like she had such a great time.

    Mrs. Delightful

  5. Oop, check P out! Too cute. Madison hates the sand she has a fit when her feet touch it! lol

  6. LOL yay Peyton she sounds like she had a ton of fun! I am looking forward to my beach vacay this summer too with Phoenix hope he loves the water as much as we do! What kind of sunblock did you use?

    1. I just buy the baby sunblock with 50 SPF. I heard anything higher than that doesn't make a difference. Make sure you get him a hat too!

  7. Girl, my daughter hated the beach when we went last year. She loved the pool but was not feeling the ocean, LOL!! Lately she has been asking to go (I'm guessing she saw Dora at the beach or something). We're going to take her this summer and I hope she likes it!

  8. Awwww such a cutie! I recently went to the beach with my friends daughter and she was more fascinated with the sand. She wasn't having anything do to with the water at all, lol.


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