April 10, 2013

Halle Berry Pregnant at 46!

The stunning 46 year old lady that is Halle Berry, is pregnant with her second child with fiance Oliver Martinez!  I didn't know she was 46!!!! WERK Halle!
Halle is three months with her second child.  Her daughter Nahla is now 5 years old and cute as ever!  Halle looks stunning but it's hard believe she is 46 and having a baby!  Doctors scare you to death about having a child after the age of 35!  The information below was shared on CNN Health:
By 40, a woman's reproductive chance is less than 5% per cycle, so a natural pregnancy is rare. And pregnant women in their 40s face increased risks for several health issues, including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, breast cancer and miscarriages.
Big congrats to Halle!  I pray she has a healthy pregnancy.  I don't know about you but I don't think I want to be in the baby making business at 46!  My mom did have me at 40!  What do you think about having children in your mid 40's?


  1. She looks awesome, as always! Congrats to her. She looks happy.

  2. Halle is the bomb.com! Do people say that anymore! Really, she looks fabulous at 46. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy as well. I need her beauty secrets. I'm not far behind. I had Madison at 37 and I was scared to death! I went from one extreme to the next - teen mom to mom over 35! Ha

  3. She looks great! I had no idea she was 46 either. I hope things go smoothly. My mom had me around the same age as your's and thankfully I came out healthy and bubbly.

  4. I knew she was going to go for the gold and have another go Halle and she looks amazing but of course she does!
    When I was preggers my doc told me to get it cracking in another year or two but not longer than that lol G wiz I am loving my son but I don't know if I will be ready for baby no. 2 in just another year that seems so soon.

    What about you are you two having another?

    1. That's a whole other post girlfriend!

  5. Ah! That is crazy news! But given her supernatural genes, I'd say go for it!



  6. I always think that she'll be 64 when her kid graduates high school...... whoa!

  7. She looks amazing!!! She should do a book with all her beauty secrets and fitness tips!

  8. My mom isn't too much older than Halle... can't picture my mom with kids my kid's ages.
    But more power to her. I wish her a happy and healthy 40wks.

  9. mo power to her. I don't think i'll be trying for any kids after the age of 35. I just think for me that'll be past my expiration date. But that's just me personally. I'd like another by the time Jas starts Kinder. We'll see what God's plans are.

  10. She looks stunnig! No babies over here after 35!

    Mrs. Delightful

  11. Good for Halle. I was almost 40 when I had my one and only. I think if your doctor approves then women should go for it. I know many women put of kids for career first. Then they look up and they are 40 or over.

  12. She looks GREAT! I had Pookah at 33 and IF I have another, I will be more "mature"......LOL

  13. I say if they had kids after 40 during the Bible time, why can't women have babies after 40 without all the hoopla in today's times?! Medical and pregnancy care is way more advance than what they were back then and even ten years ago. At the end of the day, children are a huge blessing. I'm sure she has the best of the best when it comes to care and that her doctors and fiance will make sure that she and her unborn baby have the safest pregnancy possible.

    I'm rooting for her because she's been a great and protective mom to her daughter Nahla. So, I'm not expecting anything less from her with her second baby.


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