April 3, 2013

What I'm Packing for Vacation

Less than 24 hours until we head to the BEACH!  I am so excited!  This is our first real family vacay!  We are NOT going to visit family or stay with friends.  Just us and the beach!  I thought I would share what I will be taking on the trip.  The theme of my vacation look is "Easy"!  No Spanx allowed!  LOL!  Check out what I put together.

Cover-up, French Connection (similar)/ Leopard High-waist Bikini, ASOS/ Straw floppy hat, Macy's (similar)/ Flipflops, OLD
I know what you are thinking... the cover up doesn't match the bathing suit!  I paid a lot of money for this cover up from French Connection and it has only been on one trip!  I must get my monies worth!  I am so in love with my high waist bikini!  I may not hope to get a picture in it... we shall see!
Shirt, Old Navy/ Jean shorts, Old Navy/ Fedora, Aqua Bloomingdales (similar)/ Sunglasses, Gap/ Shoes, Kate Spade Keds
I thought about wearing the same version of this outfit the whole trip!  So cute and easy! 
Peep my new kicks!  These are the new Kate Spade Keds!  I needed something other than my Chuck to wear during non-beach time.
Denim Jacket, Dollhouse old (similar)/ Maxi dress, Gap (similar)/ Sandals, Laura Brandon/ Cowboy hat, F21
This maxi feels like a night gown!  Can't wait to wear it! 
Dress, F21/ Sunglasses, Nordstrom/ Sandals, Sole Society/ Necklace, Pop of Chic
If you are looking for a nautical style dress for the low-low, this is it!  
So excited about my new Lucite necklace from Pop of Chic!  This will go with everything (since it's clear)!  Pop of Chic has the flyest accessories for great prices!

I have a few more backup dresses and jeans that I will bring along.  This is the first time I will be leaving home without heels!  I feel naked!  Why so many hats?  My plan is that the hats will minimize the hair combing!  What do you think of the outfits?  Do you have any trips in works?  What will you be packing?

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  1. Love! Love all your outfit choices. Can't wait to see pictures from your trip. Have a great time!

  2. your outfits are so cute and easy have fun!

  3. Love every last one of these looks. I am going to Orlando next week, family trip, and Donny know what to take :(

  4. Not Donny, but don't know what to take. Dumb smartphone

    1. LOL! I do it all the time and not on a smartphone!

  5. Love every last one of these looks. I am going to Orlando next week, family trip, and Donny know what to take :(

  6. Super cute and comfy outfits! I love the sole society sandals. We're going to the Beach next month, can't wait! Enjoy your vacay.

  7. Your outfits look so easy and laid-back...perfect for a vacation!

  8. Super cute outfits!!! Enjoy your vacay :)

    With Love,

  9. Cute outfits! I love the bathing suit!


  10. Love your outfits and those Keds are too cute. Have fun!

  11. Love the outfits!!! I WISH there was a beach trip in my family's future, LOL!!! You're going to look great! My beach looks are always "easy breezy". I love a fedora and flats while on vacation. Have fun at the beach!

  12. OMG, we always love the same things! I bought that Old Navy top with the checkers in every color. Cute stuff, very spring-ish and resort-ish. HAVE A BALL DOLL!! xx

  13. Have an awesome time!!! Cute outfits!

  14. Very cute! I can't wait until my vacay (one more week). Have fun!!!!

  15. Cute outfits and the swimsuit is HOT! I can't wait to see photos of you in it. Enjoy your vacation!!

  16. Love the outfits!

    Mrs. Delightful


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