April 25, 2013

Randoms About Me

I have been crazy busy this week!  Not only did I have a few events I was scheduled to host, my mom got really sick on Monday and had to be taken to the hospital.  But she is doing 100 times better than when I took her in!  Praise God!  Found out she had an infection she didn't know about and is finally getting treatment! She is doing great!

Today I bring you a bunch of random facts about me!  I love reading other bloggers random about me post.  I love learning more about the bloggers that I follow.  Here we go! 

  • I am very outgoing, but I don’t like taking pictures.  That is why I have the same pose in every picture (I know you don’t believe me).  I get mad nervous when it comes to video but I tough it out! 
  • I have two sisters and a brother.  They are more than 13 years older than me!  See next random...
  • My mom had me at 40! I was a big surprise!
  • I am obsessed with Q-tips! I use them a few times a day.  I may be the only person that has a box of Qtips on their shopping list monthly!
  • I can’t eat without Tabasco sauce… and get it straight…Tabasco and hot sauces are NOT the same! I may or may not have some Tabasco in my purse!
  • I wasn't sure if I wanted kids, even after I got married.  Now here I am, obsessed with my child!  Not sure if I want a second! *takes b.c. pill*
  • I don't sleep much.  I don't know how I survive. 
  • My all time favorite movies are Coming to America, Office Space, and Scarface.  Just added to the list is Bridesmaids.  I finally saw it and could not stop laughing! 
  • I dated Mister for 2 1/2 years before he proposed!  That was my longest relationship ever!  
  • Never had a boyfriend over a year straight until I met Mister.  I hate to waste time!  No, I wasn't a 304! LOL! 
  • I am blessed to have some awesome BFFs!  Most of them are from elementary school and high school   
  • I never had a relationship with my dad. 
  • I love Hip Hop! Not the new stuff but all the rappers that are my age or older : ).  My faves are Biggie, Wu-Tang, Nas, Jay Z, Common, Outkast, Lauren Hill and Eminem.  
I hope you learned a little more about me (not that you care. lol).  Do we share more things in common than you thought?  Does anything surprise you?


  1. Love it! I'm glad your mom is doing well!

  2. You're too cute! I hate taking pictures of myself too and don't sleep much either. Hope your mom gets well soon!

  3. So happy your mom is getting better--sending prayers up for fully restored health!

    Like you, I'm not sure if I want another kid--but I love my Maddycakes :)

  4. OMGosh! I am Q-Tipaholic!!! It's so bad, LOL!!! Love Coming to America and Jay-Z too!! I enjoyed reading these, very fun post!

  5. OMG I am obsessed with Q tips too I think I clean my ears a couple times a day lol and I've turned it on my son I'm always checking his ears to see if they need to be cleaned smh I WISH I could be that diligent when it comes to flossing somehow that just seems like a huge task before bed smh

  6. LOL! My husband was my longest relationship as well. LOL @ 304!

    I love Jay-Z too!

    My best friends are those from high school.

    1. I loved this idea of a random post like this maybe I'll do one too!

  7. i love you opening up and letting us learn about you - such a great post!

  8. Sorry to hear about your Mom, glad she's doing better.

    You're too funny! Yes to all the rappers!! :)

  9. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Love your "Randoms" I may have to do that one day myself!I like all those movies you listed, you should see Johnnie Brasco its the best movie especially if you liked Scareface.

  10. Glad your mom is better

    Love this! i feel like I "know" you better now :)

  11. Awww. So nice to learn more about you!~

  12. I have 2 brothers and one sister! But we were all born before my mom was 30.
    Fun post and so glad to hear your mom is on the mend!

  13. My husband was my shortest relationship (dating wise) and now we have been married for ten years.

  14. Good to hear that your mom is much better. :-) I'm not good with poses either. I usually have to take 100s because I either look goofy or slow. Bridesmaids is such a hilarious movie. I loved it! I think we may be around the same age but I like all of the appear you listed and some New school rappers as well. Nice to know some things about you. :-)

    Who is that girl Mo?

  15. Trina, thank you for sharing a little of yourself with your readers. I'm happy to hear your mom is doing better. I knew my husband for 16 months before we got married.....11 year anniversary this year!

  16. Glad your mom is doing good. Not taking pictures whaaaa as much pictures as you are in and I thought I was bad that's why you don't see me nowhere.

  17. Love this!
    Glad your mom is feeling better!
    I would have never known that you don't like to take pictures!!
    I love old school hip hop!!! These new rappers...

  18. I enjoy listening to old school hip hop. There's only so many songs I can listen to with these new rappers talking about what car they're driving and how many gold watches they have. I don't have a relationship with my dad either.

  19. Omg we have so much in common. I to got married to my husband he was my longest relationship. My daughter will be 2 in June and I found your site after I had her and I visited everyday and have been everyday since. I love it. We dress our daughters very much alike I do didnt know if I wanted kids and I am chewing on a bc pill as I type. I was all about fashion before Maliyah and now that she is here it is hard at times balancing both of our wardrobes but it gets done. Great site I love it.

  20. 304? Girl you crazy. I'm sure some were left scratching their head on that one!

    You kill me with that hot sauce. I'm an old school hip hop head as well but I kind of sort of roll with these newbies. I love a good hood beat!


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