April 25, 2012

The Baby Files

I tried my best to be prepared before Peyton before she came.   I searched online and found the Baby Briefcase at Nordstroms. 

I love the idea and thought it was cute.  I figured I could put something similar together myself.

 I went to Walmart (or Target) and grab a file folder.  I think it was about $6.

I grabbed a sharpie and labeled the dividers.  Birth Certificate, SSN, Hospital Docs, Insurance, Immunization and etc.

 I also had room for manuals, registration for big items, warranties and receipts.

I am sharing this because I went to look for Peyton's crib information so I can get the converter for the toddler bed.  It was right there!  I didn't have to guess and look around for days for it.

How do you keep all your child's (children) info organized?


  1. Love it Trina!

    I wanted one of those too!

    I ended up purchasing some decorative boxes for keepsakes
    and her art projects etc.

    I will post them soon!

  2. Such a great idea! I have so many loose papers that I have stashed everywhere- this would make my life so much easier! Thanks for sharing a great tip!! :)

  3. This is such a clever idea. It would make a nice baby shower gift also :). I just put everything in a folder for my little guy. However, I'm going to purchase an expandable file folder for him some time this week. To house his report cards and all of his other important documents . I love this idea.

    Mrs. Delightful

  4. Girl this is an AWESOME idea! I am going to buy me an organizer TODAY so I can be organized with everything I need! Thanks for the idea girl!!!! :)

  5. Great idea! I think I need to do this for my babies because I just keep all of their stuff mixed in with mine and sometimes it's a pain trying to find them.

  6. I created a google document with all the manufacturer numbers etc in case of recalls. I was so recall worried!

  7. Dude... that's a really good tip. I need to do that. It'll be four years late, but hey... better late than never, right? I know where everything is, but it's all scattered around the apt.

  8. what a great idea...thanks for sharing this!

  9. what a great idea...thanks for sharing this!


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