April 24, 2012

Strong 4 Life!

Last Wednesday I was invited to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to learn about the Strong 4 Life campaign and to tour the clinic. 
Strong 4 Life is the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s campaign to fight Childhood Obesity.   Georgia is #2 (Yes, the 2nd) in the US for the highest rate of childhood obesity!  

The Strong 4 Life approach:
·         Increase awareness
·         Improve healthy behaviors
·         Advocate for policy change
·         Establish strategic partnerships
·         Increase access to clinical interventions
You guys know I don’t cook so I worry a lot about Peyton’s future health and diet.   I want her to have the best start and right now chicken nuggets are taking over!  Needless to say I was excited to learn more about the Strong 4 Life campaign.
They shared with information from focus groups as to why this is happening.  Convenience was one of the top reason moms of this focus group feel that their kids are overweight.  We all know how easy it is to roll through the drive thru! Lifestyle is another factor that we don’t think about.  Kids are really into computers and video games so they don’t play like we used to when we were kids.  They shared with us that kids, not even teenagers are undergoing gastric bypass surgery!  This is a serious problem!
Check out these billboards that were put up around metro Atlanta.

These little changes could make a big difference!

Health 4 Life Team
Strong 4 Life has a clinical program for overweight and obese kids called Health 4 Life.  This is a 12 month multi-disciplinary medical management program for children with BMI over the 95th percentile.  This program focuses more on lifestyle changes and setting goals.  The program includes visits with a team consisting of psychologist, nutritionist, exercise scientist and medical doctor.
Mom Bloggers in attendance (L to R): Bluebird Patch, Ivey of Ivey League Mama, Dr. Stephanie Walsh of CHOA, Christy of Alpharetta Moms, Mimi of Lipgloss and Binky, Fran of Bossy Girl, Renee J Ross

Of course in Baby Shopaholic fashion I have to show you what I wore. LOL!  I finally wore my Jason Wu for Target dress.  I LOVE IT!   Shoes are old Jeffrey Campbell.  Belt is from Forever 21.

I am so honored to have been invited.  So many things we don't think of until its too late.  We (Mothers, Friends, Sisters and Grandmothers) can make a few changes to get and keep our children on the right track.  I am going to break out my never used crock pot to make convenient home cooked meals.  What are you doing to fight childhood obesity?


  1. This is a topic I chose for one of my papers this semester - Childhood obesity, which I have yet to start. Thanks for the post and the great info.

    Love the dress!

  2. Great post and great topic! I just got a crock pot and posted an easy recipe last week and will post another on the blog next week. Come visit and try them out!

  3. To keep healthy we visit the park SEVERAL times a week and encourage our children to do sports and recreational activities. I also cook a few times a week to lessen the amount of fast food they eat.


  4. great post.i'm all about cutting processed foods out of our diet. that helps so much!


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