November 10, 2011

Help Mama Pick a Dress: Movie Premier

I need your help!  Mister has produced his first movie!  I am so proud of him!  Please check out the short trailer below.

The movie is going to premier at the fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta in less then two weeks!  So that means walking the red carpet!  So I need to shut it down!  Since it is a christian film I can wear anything too too sexy, like low back, high slit, etc. That would be a whole other movie!  Here are some dresses that I thought may fit the event.

Most of the dresses below are from Nordstroms.







Andee from The Honey Bee posted this Susan Monaco dress yesterday. This dress is from Revolve Clothing.  Right now this is my favorite. 

8, 9, 10
Here are some other long dress. 

Would you wear short or long?  Which dress do you like best?  Do I need to start over?  I know most of these are pretty simple but you know I will be wearing some fabulous accessories and probably a fur. I have less then two weeks and I am about to start stressing! Shoes... That is a whole new post!

Take the Poll and Watch the trailer!  Thanks Ladies!


  1. I adore the first dress!!!

  2. First off, wow and kudos to your hubby that is such a great accomplishment, I am sure you are so proud. Is this movie based on the book Left Behind? I read that book many years ago and I remember it was about the day of rapture, anyway the movie looks awesome!

    just voted, love the long purple one in the bottom pic.

    you will rock the red carpet no matter what you wear you will have the best accessory, the producer on your arm!

  3. I love the short dresses the most number 2 is my fav but I think you will look great in whatever you choose. Have fun and congrats to your hubs.

  4. Dear Trina,

    Congratulations to your husband.

    What an accomplishment.

    I voted for the first dress.



  5. Congratulations to your family!

    I think a short dress would look nice to show off your fabulous shoes :).

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  6. Congrats and have an amazing time!
    My vote went for #7 ~ amazingly chic and understated!

  7. Great film! I love the third dress. You will look gorgeous in anything though!

  8. Congrats!! I voted "2"...I know the feeling of being in the spotlight at a christian event...I am a young pastor's wife that loves fashion!!

  9. I can't watch the trailer because I'm at work but I read Jill's comment and it sounds so cool!! I read that book too a long time ago.

    I love number 6. The long black sleeves and long dress is so stunning!! You are going to look beautiful in anything you wear.

  10. OMG I can't decide!!!
    They are all cute!

  11. The second on is my absolute favorite. If you don't buy it I will :)


  12. I voted #7. But, I see most voted #3. Given that it's ATL, I think #3 is too predictable. Have fun!

  13. Dress 1 or 2 in my humble opinion but I think they all would look great on you :) Congrats to the hubby!

  14. Wow! That's amazing! You must be Proud of you Hubby!)) I love Dress #1.



  15. If you were just a regular guest I'd say short, I would go with longer ones, I like 5 and 7

  16. How awesome! I think number two is so fun!

  17. Yay for your husband!!!!! How very cool! I love 2, 6 and 9! I know, that's not helping. You should have picked some ugly dresses, yo! That would have made my decision so much easier!

  18. I like number 6 because I am assuming the back is out and that is hot. I love when it is conservative in the front and sassy in the back.

    Now, you hooked me up with the whole Birch Box thing so I need to ask if you know about

    You can rent luxury dresses for fractions on their costs. My hubby had a photo exhibit last week and I rocked a $1500 Herve Leger dress for free (because I had a coupon). Just saying :)


  19. Congrats to your hubby!
    My vote goes to #2. Stunning.

  20. First congrats to your hubby! Second, I vote for dress number 7!

  21. WOW A big congrats to your hubby! I voted for #3 but I really like all your choices. I am such a sucker for lace. #2 is gorgeous too.

  22. This is great! Congratulations to your Mister! My vote is for #2. I think it will look fabulous on you.

  23. Love the first dress a lot but I also love the idea of a long dress. The SM one is gorgeous. And yay to your hubby for his movie!

  24. At first I chose dress number one, until I saw dress number 8. Wear THAT! Such an elegant option. Just the right amount of oomph.

    Congrats to Mister, on the movie!

  25. The last dress is my favorite....looks very elegant.


  26. I voted for 2, it looks like it belongs on the red carpet. :)

    Congratulations on the movie!
    I'm following your blog. :)

    Always, T

  27. Oh wow how exciting!!!! Well, I think dress number 2 is intriguing, stylish, sexy yet conservative. If you were thinking to go with a long dress, my vote is for number 8. I can't wait to see your choice!!!

  28. love #2, it's elegant, ladylike sexy and stylish

  29. Ok, the poll only let me select one dress. I like numbers 2, 7 and 10. Any one of those would be perfect. Congrats to your hubby on being a Movie Producer! That's amazing!

    7eventh Letter

  30. Congratulations! I picked #7. It's simple but still stands out :)

  31. OMG, CONGRATS! That is amazing!! What a huge accomplishment and what an amazing event to get dressed up for.

    I think with formal dresses it's all about fit. Sure these look amazing on a hanger but how to they fit and make you feel?

    I tried on that David Meester is a slightly different style and it was amazing.

  32. came back to watch the trailer. couldn't watch it before. I wanna see this movie. Great job to the hubs!


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