April 20, 2012

Atlanta Apparel Mart Shopping!

This is Part 3 of my Atlanta Apparel experience.  First it was the Fashion Show, then I met Jeannie Mai and then I got to shop!

We received these super cute sequin tote bags.  These are the hottest totes I have ever seen!

Since Americas Mart is for buyers and boutique owners only a handful of shops let you purchase on the spot.  I wanted to share the few things I picked up in the short time I had.

I grabbed this necklace.  I thought it was a cute everyday necklace to wear with a t-shirt.

I am infatuated with this gold and yellow necklace! I got this from the same vendor as the necklace above.  I thought each of them were $5 each but when I got home and saw my receipt I was charged $10 each....  I was a little PO.
I picked up this jazzy metallic belt for $14.
I got Peyton some cubic zirconia studs for $1.50!  Crazy right!  I should have gotten like 20.  What was I thinking!

I picked up these over sized wayfarer shades for $5.

I know, I look like a psycho librarian.  Don't laugh!  I got these cat eye glasses for $5.  I am was planning on putting my prescription in them.  Everyone told me they looked cute.  Maybe this is just not a good picture : )

I only had about 30 mins to shop.  What a tease!  I just pray I am invited back so I can do some damage!  What do you think of my purchases?  The cat eye glasses?  Do I look crazy?


  1. That tote bag...I love it!

    Yes, you should've bought a ton of those earrings at that price. I like the sunglasses. I think I have to see the regular glasses in person to get a better opinion!

  2. The Sunnies ♡ :)


  3. I think those cat eye glasses are super cute. Definitely add your prescription. A nice vintage look :).

  4. beautiful jewelry - and the glasses are super hot. love the tote bag - I want one (in my winning voice)

  5. Love the glasses! Is there a way I can order them online?

  6. love the gold and yellow necklace, you did good girl!!

  7. Yellow Gold Necklace is the top cuteness. I think the cat eyes are cute but not "put the prescription in cute". I think they are cuter with certain kitchy outfits and may not be great for every day wear. They are fun sometimes glasses to me. But super cute.

  8. I like the cat eye glasses. Me - ow.

    Nice haul and at great prices.

  9. Love it darling!! maybe we can follow each others blog?! XoXo


  10. The second necklace is gorgeous!

  11. i love these pieces, so stealing the glasses!

  12. Looks like you found some great pieces. Really like the belt!

  13. I don't wear accessories enough, this post just reminded me of that! Love the cat eye glasses!


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