April 4, 2012

Mama's 5 Minute Makeup Tips

Now that I have become a Mother Zombie , putting on makeup every time I step out the door is a MUST!  If I don't I will scare everyone!  So I had to get my makeup routine down to science.

  • Keep everything in one place.  Yes my train case is HUGE but I have everything in there.  Worst thing is to looking all over the place for something.  If it is not in there, either I am out or Peyton stole it.
  • I put my daily "work" makeup on the top tray.  I don't have to dig in the bottom for the items I use everyday. 

  • Keep all your brushes handy.  I love me some brushes!  I keep them all in the same area.  To clean them use baby wash!  I have plenty of that!
  •  My biggest time saver is find a pallet that has all the colors together.  You don't have to fiddle around with finding a shadow for your lid, crease and brown.  This makes it easy and you can keep moving. 

  •  Always keep you eyebrows done!   How many times have you started to get ready to see your looking a little like Bert from Sesame Street!  I nice clean brown takes you makeup to another level.

  • In a time crunch apply the essentials!  For me concealer spackle is a must!  I take the most time on putting this on.   I always put on blush, it gives you a nice glow.   I put on mascara everyday.  It just opens up you eyes.

No excuse to get caught out with out makeup!  I tried to do a make up video.  When I got done it didn't even look like I put on any on the video! LOL.  I was done after that.  I will try again another time.

What are some of your quick makeup tips?


  1. Ugh... I have no make-up tips because I don't wear it. I only wear gloss. Every now & then I dipple & dapple in my daughter make-up if I'm feeling myself, other than that I'm a Vaseline Queen!

  2. Great post and I definitely relate to being a Mother Zombie! My trick with looking pulled together is just like yours. Having everything that I need handy and focusing on the brows and mascara. I add a little concealer and powder to the mix as my bags are no joke!

  3. I'm not a huge make up person but I do love a great mascara and lipgloss. I agree that keeping everything in one place saves you valuable minutes of having to hunt down something. Also, I like to double up on items I wear a lot. I keep one at home and one in my purse for touch ups on the go.

  4. I don't wear makeup daily (i know, i know) but if I'm leaving the house in a rush I always use mascara and lip color those are my 2 musts! When I go out I obviously wear makeup, I have tons (like you) but use the same ones over and over! lol
    Good tip on the baby wash for brushes! I use the MAC bursh cleaner. It's costly, but lasts forever!


  5. I love this post! I must say you always look great hun... I used to work for MAC a few years ago and I always stressed the importance of a nice, simple everyday look. It really makes you look more polished. Back then I used to pile it on (go figure) but now that I am a mom working a 9 to 5, I have my 5 minute routine down to a science. It truly does make a difference!

  6. Great tips for busy mamas!! Thanks for sharing this lovely post! I am getting better at getting ready in 5-10 mins after I had the baby!!:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  7. WOW. So next time I visit Atlanta I am stopping by your house. I have only recently begun to wear makeup. Right now it's primarily powder and mascara and lip gloss. It's something I would like to continue to work on.

  8. Great tips! I like most don't wear much make up and when I do 5 minutes is all the time I need. My make up case looks like your top tray!

  9. I don't wear makeup that often. When I do I mix my foundation with some Olay moisturizer with SPF kind of like a tinted moisturizer. I have fallen in love with the Milani blush that we got from the NYE event and I use lipgloss. I have recently fell in love with lipstick so I may throw some of that on and out the door I go.

  10. Girl, makeup is a MUST for me. Just because I only had three hours of sleep, doesn't mean I need to LOOK like it. I love these tips!

  11. i don't wear makeup. i'm a lip gloss or chap stick girl. boring, i know. every now and then i jazz it up with mascara! that counts for something, right?

  12. Great tips! Your make up always looks amazing!!! I need a tutorial *seriously*

  13. I am learning! That is all I can say. I am learning!

  14. If I don't do anything else - eyeliner GIVE ME LIFE!

  15. If I'm going somewhere I usually always have on make up but everyday... sometimes :). Try to always have some lashes, lipgloss and some earring on...

    Mrs. Delightful


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