July 1, 2011

Money Ain't A Thang! Birthday Edition

It's Baaaack!  Remember when I used to post weekly things for Peyton I would get if "Money Ain't a Thang".  Well here are some gifts I would love to get her for her 1st Birthday!

Of course  a Beemer!  This one is not even motorized! You have to pedal it so I guess it can wait!

Or a G- Wagon!

Gucci Sneaks!  Need to figure out how to get these!  They are $235!

Of course a bag to match for $495!  Too cute! I wonder if they ever go sale?

Some Prada shoes!  These are on sale for $154!  Great deal : )

Her own Burberry cross body bag! A steal at $265!  Maybe I need to get my bags in the kids section!

What do you get a 1 year old?  I have a few things in mind and  Peyton really needs toys. Any ideas?


  1. I love these things for Peyton!!!

  2. these are all cool definitely a money cant buy post! how about some learning toys for her? check out vtech stuff she will love them i am sure :)

    shel xx

  3. LOVE IT. What a fun little idea...and those Prada shoes are killing me...why am I not independently wealthy??? (c: Happy weekend, girl!

  4. I think I shouldnt be allowed to have a child... I only want a little girl and I would definitely be beyond broke LOL.


  5. I love it all! If I had a daughter I would totally want her to have that stuff too. Heck I want those cars for Sterling! Have a Happy 4th of July!

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