July 26, 2011

Fashionable Atlanta Event

Saturday evening I attended the 1st Fashionable Atlanta Blogger Meet up.  This event was awesome.  I give major props to Eboni from The Fashionista Next Door for putting this event together along with the help of some other ATL fashionistas!  The swag bag was incredible... For one, everyone got a pair of shoes from Sole Society!!!  So technically I got 13 pair : )  Jello?  More info on the rest of the swag to come!

Event took place at Envy Clothing Boutique and Beauty Bar located in Little 5 Points.  I met up with Mimi from Lipgloss and Binky for the event.

Here are pics of the beauty bar.  Folks were getting makeovers!

You know Mimi was loving the polish!

Gotta love this mirror!  Framed with cameras.

Kay from Two Stylish Kays and I

Kay, Jai Marie from Southerfashionality, and guest.

They had a China Glaze nail bar.

Me and Jilene the Owner of Envy Boutique

Mimi from Lipgloss and Binky and I

Event organizer Eboni from Fashionista Next Door and blogger that won $125 Steve Madden gift card.  I was hatin on her until I won the Year worth of shoes : )  There were giveaways all night!

Check out my feather earrings from Pretty Girl Glam!  You don't have to tie the feathers in your hair, just wear them on your ear!  Stay tuned, giveaway from Pretty Girl Glam coming soon!!!


  1. a YEAR of shoes?!?! I didn't think I could be any more jealous of you!

  2. You look amazing first of all!! What a fabulous event to attend. Love the earrings and I am so jealous of a year of shoes! You must show us all the shoes as you get them!

  3. You look beautiful, Trina.

    Glad you had a great time.



  4. The first thing I noticed was those earrings. I love them! That looks like a fun night!

  5. hehehe! Congrats again... we are definitely all jealous of you and those shoes... lucky lady!!!

    Anyway, glad you had a fabulous time, and thanks so much for coming :)

    Eboni Ife'

  6. Great post lady!!! You are soooo LUCKY to have won a year of FREE shoes!!! Go GIRL!!!!!! Thanks for coming out and sooo glad you had a FAB time!!!

  7. Looks like a great event! I would like to have something here like this to get the fashionistas out! Save me a pair of shoes!!

  8. wow!!! you ladies had such a good time!!! I wished I lived in Atlanta! Love all the fashion and all the mirrors what a cool place! So that's where you wore those sassy shoes! All of you ladies look fabulous!!!

  9. this looks fun : ) I wish I had the chance to go to some events while I was in atlanta. 

  10. Looks like a great time! And I love your earrings!

  11. What a fabulous event and i really like your hair like that!!!!

    Shoes swag?!!! Omg, sweeet!

  12. That is so completely fabulous...like being a celeb for a night! And yes, you already know how I feel about your shoe win, so I don't have to repeat that I'm completely jealous (c: hehehe...

  13. Oh my word what a fabulous event. I am jealous I have never been to anything like this before!



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