July 21, 2011

Lipgloss & Binky: I Heart....

Sharing with us today is the Fab Super Mom Mimi from Lipgloss and Binky!

I am Mimi from Lipgloss and Binky and at any given time I am likely to love so many things that I can't make sense of them all so I am sharing with you the top 5 things that I am smitten with at THIS moment!!

1.) NAIL POLISH: Not sure when or why I became a nail polish addict, but I think I need help. EVERY time I go in the store I must come out with at least one bottle. I'm not even snobbish about it the $1 bottle is just as good as the $8. My current collection is at 74 bottles and growing. As if the polish wasn't enough I am thinking about investing in a nail stamp.

2.) H&M's Dressing Room: No, not the actual dressing room but this uber fab app on their website that lets you choose your own model and virtually style your outfits ahead of time. If you've ever been in an H&M you understand why this is a helpful tool to help you stay focused and not go bananas. Here is an outfit I put together. Go to their website and play with it.

3.) Flashmobs: Don't shake your head! After the dude on the AT&T commercial. I have become obsessed with doing a flashmob. Fret not, I found one and its going down on July 30. Now I just gotta figure out how to Dougie..everybody love, every, everybody love me!

4.) Running: I have recently been plagued with high blood pressure and cholesterol. In an effort to keep theses nuances at bay I have taken up running. Something special about pushing your body to limits and it not deserting you and leaving you flat on your face. Recently ran a 10K.. a mere 6.2 miles Nonetheless, I am currently training for a half marathon 13.1 miles in November. I've even upped my running gear..check out my latest purchase
that left me wishing I was a Barbie doll and could detach my legs at their joints

5.) Nexxus Pro Mend Treatment: I have yet to try this product because every time I go to the store its sold out. Seeing that it claims to fix 92% of your split ends, what's not to love. Hopefully I can get my hands on some of it soon. I'll definitely rant and/or rave about it on my blog.

Thanks for having me Trina!!

Mimi is Fab!  Thank you so much for sharing!  Let me hold down some of that nail polish!  H&M past the kids dept make me stressed!  I need this app!  I know how to Dougie, let me know when and where!


  1. I need to try the Nexxus Pro Mend Treatment. And I can't wait to hear about the Flashmob experience!

  2. I want to do a Flashmob...where do you find out about them. Yes that AT&T commerical is my favorite too.

  3. Yeah, i wanna borrow some of that nail polish too, Mimi! I had made a New Year's Resolution to keep my toes polished at all times, and I had already failed it by February. Hahaha!!! *smh*

    I love H&M!

  4. Love H&M & nailpolish! I like Flashmobs too! The recent one that the guy did at Target to the Beyonce songs was awesome!!



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