July 12, 2011

Mama's Girls Weekend: New Orleans!

I have done more in 3 weeks then I have done for the whole year!  First it was the concert!  Then I went to New Orleans for the Essence Festival followed up with Peyton's Birthday Party and Mister's Birthday.

So I joined my girl Kia (from the R Kelly concert post) and Bre in New Orleans. Kia is from the A but currently living in Baton Rouge. This particular weekend is when they have the Essence Music Festival! A weekend of great music, celebrities and parties! Kanye, Mary J Blige, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton (who stayed in our hotel), Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Trey Songs were some of the headlining performers. Then a Blast from the past: New Edition and Boys II Men performed.

Of course reality TV stars were in the house, The Braxtons, Basketball Wives, Real Houswives of Atlanta (Cynthia and Peter were on my flight). So basically any celeb you can imagine was roaming the streets of New Orleans this weekend.

We stayed at the Le Pavillion Hotel in downtown New Orleans.  Beautiful hotel, very opulent.  Could have updated a few things in the rooms but it was still beautiful.

We were cracking up our suite had double doors at the end of the hall... Suite Five Thirty : )
Suite had two bedrooms and a livingroom in the middle.

I came through like a tornado... I left Atlanta Friday evening because I wanted to spend the day with Peyton and limit the time I was gone. Right off the plane, I dropped my bags off at the hotel and we headed to dinner. After dinner (midnight) we went back to the room so Kia could change. Then we hit up Burbon St. At this time its about 2 am!!!

This spot is BANANAS! It was like millions of people on one street. I got slapped in the face with some beads a few times.

We get back to the hotel about 4:30am to be greeted by Anthony Hamilton in the Lobby. Really cool and funny guy! Finally went to sleep around 5:30 or so.... Popped up at 8am and called Mister to check on Peyton and make sure she was feed.

I actually went back to sleep until 10am! Sounds good right! Too bad that is all the sleep I had for the weekend.

We decided we wanted to head out for something to eat. We had lunch at Landry's on Lake Pontchartrain.  AWESOME! 

I got my dress for $18 at Nordstroms Junior section during the anniversary sale!

After the lunch we headed to do a little shopping in the French Quarters. I only purchased some souvenirs for Peyton.

We were out for a while and next thing you know it was almost Midnight!  Time to Party!  So we got ready and head to the Metropolitan Club.

My dress is from this small chain called Fabrik.  Not sure if they are in other states but they have the cutest party dresses.  Shoes are Vince Camuto, I have had them a few years, from my shoe guy.  I needed to re-tie my belt on the dress : )  The back was open on this dress but I had to wear a full blown bra.  My backless bra didn't stick anymore : (  BOOO!  So no back shots!!!

So we didn't get to the club until almost 1am!  Then next thing we know it was 4:30AM and we were still partying!!!  I had a 7am FLIGHT!  and I was still in the club!  Crazy! So we finally left and headed back to hotel.  I did a quick change and grabbed a cab to the airport.  I got there at 5:30. 

My eyeballs were bleeding.  Thank God I was not wasted!  I slept for the one hour flight!  So I got a total of about 4 hrs sleep for two days!  Once I got home Peyton was looking like... where you been!  Next day was the Fourth of July so I had the day off but still not much rest.  So I am still catching up! 

Here are the shades I brought back for Peyton. 

Kinda scary!  But thats New Orleans.  I would love to go back again!  Beautiful city!

So no dancing on stages that weekend but we had a ball!  Mama needed a break.  But I did miss my lil cupcake!


  1. You are my hero staying out til 4:30! I have never been to Nola but would love to go. You looked hot girl loved your dresses and those earrings!! So cool you saw some celebs!

  2. OMG, I can't believe you have that much energy. Sounds like you had a ball!!

  3. @ Mrs. Collins, I don't have energy, that is why I am sick now : (

  4. That sounds like such a fun weekend. Girl you can party like a rock star!! I can't stay up past 10:30 without turning into a pumpkin.

    You looked so pretty in your party dresses!

  5. You got it in girl! Hangin till 430am....wow! Never been to essence festival, but been to NO a few times. Seems like you had tons of fun! Maybe I'll check it out next year....only if they have a nice artist line up.

  6. You are brave, girl! I would've *DIED* from exhaustion! Sounds like a blast, though...it's worth the sacrifice, right? (c:

  7. Looks and sounds like you had a great time!

  8. Oh how fun...and you all looked fabulous!!!

  9. So you're telling me you went to essence fest and didn't go to the concert? Everyone there was someone I wanted to see lol.

    Sounds like a good weekend getaway tho

  10. Sounds like you had an awesome time!! The pictures are great and I bet you were ready to catch up on some sleep when you got home!!

  11. You are having a big month! What an awesome trip - and could those sunglasses be ANY cuter? :)


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