July 5, 2011

Peyton's 4th of July Weekend Style

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!  I know I did!  I need the rest of the week off.  Yall know I told you I was heading out of town for a girls weekend.  I went to New Orleans for the Essence Festival!  It was thebomb.com!  More on that later....But my old body can't take all this partying!  Now I am in complete party mode for Peyton's Birthday Party that is this Saturday!

So before I left on Friday I spent the day with Peyton and took her to a bouncy facility.  She loved it!

She wore her orange polka dot tank, $2 and plum colored shorts, $8 from Old Navy. 

When I came back Sunday she wore her fuchsia Ella Moss dress, $25 from a boutique whse sale.  Gold sandals are from Payless! 

On the 4th, Peyton showed her patriotic side in this Old Navy flag T.  Yes it says 2010, but I think it was only 50 cents when I got it last summer.  I think she is going to stay a year behind on these type of items : ).  She is rocking the T with a Juicy Couture denim skirt that was a gift.  Headband came from Target in the Dollar Section.

Party details are coming along, but do you have any recommendation for entertainment for a few kids?  We were going to get a bouncy house but what if it rains or something...

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  1. what a cutie pie!! I want to hear all about your weekend

  2. Hope you had a fabulous 4th! Peyton is such a cutie!


  3. Glad you had an awesome time in the N.O. Peyton is adorable as usual! I say keep it simple but cute and take great pictures! I have been to a few 1 year old parties and the parents went all out but the kid had no idea of what was going on until it was time to open gifts! Just my opinion!The party will be amazing no matter what you do!

  4. Adorable. Love her pink dress!!

  5. Peyton is so photogenic..she knows the camera very well! Her thong sandals are too cute. And she looks like a little babydoll in the pink dress. I can't wait to see the birthday pics.

  6. Dear Trina,

    Beautiful pictures.

    Have you started singing "Happy Birthday" yet?

    We sang it to our baby girl every month when she turned a month older so that she wouldn't be scared when the guests did at her party.

    They love bubbles does anyone have a bubble maker(it's good even in the house)?

    I'll let you know if I come up with anything else.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  7. Really? Could she be any cuter?? Hope you guys had a good one.


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