July 20, 2011

Sip N See for Baby Elijah

On Saturday I co-hosted my 1st Sip N See.  According to Phaedra from RHOA it's a Southern Tradition.  I guess...  Since Baby Elijah made his appearance 6 weeks early we decided to try this Southern Tradition.

Got my DIY on again and made this banner.

Elijah, the Guest of Honor!  Elijah is now 3 months! 

Baby and Mommy!

Check out Baby's shoes.

Daddy and Baby.

Check out this amazing cake!  This is from the same lady that made my Gucci Diaper Bag Cake.

Delicious spread by Valerie
The Sips.

Glasses tagged up for the guests.

Mommy and Daddy's glasses.

Candy Bar : )

Fill your sippy cup with Candy!

Games!  This set up was for Super Mom!  It was an obstacle course.  You had to iron the shirt, make a phone call, type, change the channel on TV, give the baby a bath, and fold clothes, then put baby in the stroller and go to the other side of the room.  All this while holding the baby (Elmo).  Shortest time won!  This was too funny!

Proud Parents!

The Hostess'  Great Job Everyone.  Congrats to Mom and Dad!  You have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby!


  1. Looks like fun!! Gorg cake and I always love a candy bar! :) Baby Elijah is so sweet and adorable!!!

  2. Dear Trina,

    How wonderful that you and your friends took
    the opportunity to bless your friends.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  3. Elijah is a beautiful baby and those shoes are super cute!

    shel xx

  4. I like the banner. I have to learn how to make that for my girls birthday. Everything looked great.

  5. So cute! That cake is gorgeous! I want a piece :)

  6. How beautiful! I'm so sorry I missed it as I was out of town, but looks like it was a blast! I can't wait to meet Elijah b/c I need to squeeze those sweet cheeks!

  7. As the mom of the Guest of Honor, Elijah says THANK YOU. Everyone there spoiled him rotten! The food and decor was fabulous. We had a great time!! @Looms, Lids & Layers you are right. I was afraid he'd be 10 lbs for real. Gestational Diabetes is no joke!! We were getting 2 ultrasounds a week to monitor his growth (not to mention the crazy diet and glucose testing!)

  8. looks like so much fan! Elijah is a cutie and that cake looks great!

  9. Okay, ever since that episode of RHOA I've been wanting to attend a Sip N See as well. Still not sure if Phaedra made it up, but it's fabulous and she started a new trend. So fun!!!

    Awwww, Baby Elijah is adorable!!


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