July 18, 2011

Peyton's Weekend Style

Another Semi Busy weekend.  I had the Sip 'N' See on Saturday.  So took it easy on Sunday.

Thursday Peyton and I had a dinner date with some of my besties and their babies.  It was weird sitting at table with kids everywhere! 

Peyton rocked one of her birthday gifts, a romper from H&M.  These are the shoes that she wore on her birthday from Payless.

Lovin SJP in the zebra!

Sunday we took it easy and Peyton wore this purple floral print dress to breakfast.  This is another one of her birthday gifts with her shoes from Payless.

Sorry this picture is so jacked up but it was the only one she posed for so I tried : )

Can't go wrong with Floral in the summer. 

Love First Lady O dress.  Timeless!

Which one are you rockin this summer, Zebra or Floral?


  1. She is absolutely precious!!!

  2. Cute cute!!! Loving SJP's heels in that pic. Cant wait to see you finds from the Nordi sale.

  3. Your little one puts SJP's outfit to shame!!


  4. Dear Trina,

    I alway buy my girl her dresses up one size.
    I love the length.

    How did the dinner turn out? Pretty
    soon she'll be ordering a shirley temple.
    Remember those?


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  5. why is she soo cute! I love her little romper. Is it wrong that I would rock the same clothes as your baby? :)

  6. I love how she dresses like celebrities. :-)

  7. I like both zebra and floral! And your little one is too cute in both florals and zebra prints.

  8. Whenever I visit your blog...my bio clock begins ticking so much louder. Baby P is always so stylish and she knows it too! I love her pose in her zebra romper..its too cute.

  9. Could she be any cuter? I love her style inspirations too ;)


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