March 20, 2012

Baby Shopaholic & DVF Loves Gap

"A little girl, the minute she is born, she is already the woman she will be" - DVF

Diane von Furstenburg is an amazing glamorous woman!  Everything she says makes you feel more powerful as a women.  Her clothes make you feel the same way.  I think I got my first DVF dress at like 25 or 26.  Peyton has hers at 20 months old!  Go figure!  The Gap near me opened at 8am.  Guess who was the first one only there at 8am?  I felt weird there was no one else there but folks started coming in after 8. 

I new for sure that Peyton had to have the signature wrap dress!  A little pricey but way cheaper then my DVF dresses!

The dress is actually a skort! 
I wanted the big girl t-shirt in this design.  They didn't have any so I got the onesie.  The salesperson had a great idea, that I could cut and have someone hem it as Peyton grows.  It is pretty long so that should work. 
They even had special DVF bags! 

I really wanted this blazer for Peyton but when I found out it was $80 I had to leave it alone.  Hopefully there are a lot left and I can catch it on a mark down but this stuff is going fast.  I also wanted to get these sneakers that are in the picture but they were online only and I missed the boat.

I am happy with my two items.  I wanted more and could have easily spent a thousand dollars!  That would be just crazy would it!  Did you hit of the DVF for Gap?  What did you get?


  1. so chic! I want that wrap dress for my bean too! But yes, a bit pricy for clothes they will only wear one season!

  2. I agree that the clothes were pricey and I also got two items. I got Madi the same dress in pink and a similar DVF top.

  3. Welp - not yet but I did get DVF for mommy... from RentTheRunway

  4. That dress is cute. On a super dooper mark down I'd think about getting Jas something like that. lol

    I can't ever see myself spending too much money on clothes for Jasmine. My max on most things is 40 bucks and that was a winter coat she can still wear i bought when she was 1. The most expensive single(pair) item i have ever bought Jas are her Vans that shes wearing now. They were 25bucks.

  5. Omg howwwww cuteeee...I love DVF...

  6. LOL at being the first and only. If my store had it I wouldve been in the same place. The pieces are so freaking cute. Why cant she collab with an adult line. LOL


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