March 27, 2012

Playtime with Mommy Talk Show and Hippo Hopp

I mentioned yesterday that we headed out early for a taping for Mommy Talk Show at Hippo Hopp, an indoor playground.  Mommy Talk Show showcases Mommy Business owners in the Atlanta area. 

Here I am with Joyce Brewer founder of Mommy Talk Show and Author of  Use What You Know: Business Idea Guide for Moms. 

I really liked Hippo Hopp.  I loved that it was in one open space.  You didn't have to go around corners or go in different rooms to find your child.  I also loved that they had toy and play areas for crawlers and infants to play.  As you can see from the last to pictures my baby thinks she is a big girl and went up and down this slide about 10 times!  Please don't think I am a bad mom because my baby went all the up on this big slide by herself.  Peyton is fearless and strong!  I got over holding her back because she would do it anyway.  Check out this video.

This baby can go!  I think I found a place for Peyton's 2nd Birthday party.  Do you take your kids to indoor playgrounds?


  1. Peyton is such a big girl. We have an indoor playground in our state that opened a couple of years ago. My kids love it.

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. How fun... Those little places are the cutest right?!! P is so adorable!!

  3. She is too cute and such a big girl. Madison loves these indoor playgrounds there's no pulling her away!

  4. I loved it out there Saturday and was just telling a friend that they had an area just for the little babies also so she could have her daughters 1 year old party their. I enjoyed meeting everyone and I will be back.

  5. We have something in STL called Bounce U... the same thing and my 2 younger kids love it. Matthew used to love it but now that he is 12 he is way too cool for that. It is a great thing to do on a rainy day. We also have had many a birthday parties there

  6. Trina,
    I'm so glad your family joined us at HippoHopp and had a great time.
    Peyton is gorgeous and so stylish (I wonder where she gets that from?!)
    I'd love to hear what you think of the webisodes we taped about juggling businesses and family.
    The first one airs Thursday, March 29th.

  7. Hilarious the way her lil shirt blew up when she slid down! She didn't waste no time getting up the ladder! Go P!!!

  8. I love Hippo Hop. I love how clean the place is and you can see your kid from once single location. I've been to different bouncy places and Hippo Hop is "calmer".

  9. Girl, Peyton is G for climbing all the way up that slide!! Lol, a gorgeous little baby Gansta!!


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