March 23, 2012

Money Aint a Thing: Versace

Happy Friday!  It's officially Spring!  I know this because I can stop sneezing and my car is green (covered in pollen).  Even Peyton has the sniffles due to all this pollen.  But the great thing about Spring are the fresh fashions!  Check out these incredible items from Versace kids line.

 I would die to have this dress in my size!  But for $304 I don't think I will ever own it either!

 Cute tank for $235
 How awesome are these sequin flare pants!  Only $288.
 As an adult I would sport this shirt!  Little Boys Versace Tee, $235.

Little boy blue skinny pants, $252.

So one of these awesome little outfits will set you back about $500!  And you still need to get shoes! What do you think about this Versace Spring line for kids?

All images via Saks


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  2. I like that color pin.

    My baby girl is in need of new summer clothes. It will be fun shopping for her.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Eh, it's cute. But no way! Not for that kind of money.

    p.s. Me and Layla now have matching pink glitter Toms!!!! Oh yes we do....

  4. Love them but those prices are a NO! Kids are so unkind to their clothes so a purchase like that is just a waste of money in my opinion.

  5. Fab Spring Line

    Mrs. Delightful

  6. I'm as in love with greek key as the next design lovin' gal, but $235 for a tee??? What the WHAT?!? Peeps need a head check on that one, I don't care if it's signed by George Washington, I couldn't pay that for a t-shirt! That dress is awfully darling, though! (c:


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