March 9, 2012

Macy's Prom Shopping Party & What I wore to Prom!

Prom is a big deal for every young lady.  I know it was for me!  The dress, hair, shoes... was a major  deal!!!   Please join Macy’s for the prom shopping party of the season.  Enjoy sips and sweets, music by our DJ, a Beauty Bar and fragrance sampling while you shop for the latest looks for prom. 

This event will be going on at several Macy's across the country!  Click HERE to see when it is coming to your area.  The Atlanta Prom Shopping Party will take place on March 17.  Info below.

March 17, 2012 at 2PM
Macy's Perimeter Mall, Atlanta, GA 
To RSVP text "PROM6" to 62297

Make a girl's prom dream come true! Donate your gently worn prom or formal dress at our event and it will go to Becca's Closet, a local chapter.  You know I am in the process of cleaning my closet so I will be bringing a few dresses next Saturday.

In the spirit of prom season, I decided to embarrass myself and include my prom pictures from 199?.

Glad thick brows are back!  I was ahead of my time.  What do you think of my Tina Turner dress?  I would not have remembered my dates name if it wasn't on the back of these pictures!  He was cute... How you doing?
Please share this info (not my pictures, LOL) with young ladies that you know that are going to prom or have daughters about to go to prom. 

*I received a gift from Everywhere for this post


  1. Look at you, hot thang! And yes, your date was adorable (c: I'm definitely not brave enough to bust out the high school dance pics for the would just be scary (c:

  2. LOL seriously Trina, we could be sisters! let me find some of my old high school pictures!

  3. You are looking good girl! You look THE SAME! Do you age???

  4. Looking hot girl for real! For real you look gorgeous!!

  5. AHAHAHAHA - NOT HOW YOU DOING??? You are a mess.

  6. I love your fringed dress! Don't worry, every girl has a "how you doin" from the past.

  7. Live that dress! My prom was in 199? Lol too and I wore a similar styled dress. You look great!!!

  8. I actually LOVE that dress still!!! Looking gooood. And hush your mouth!? You didn't remember his name??? lol.

  9. Love it!!! You look exactly the same!! Thanks for posting little lady!

  10. Love it Trina! I swear you have not aged one bit! You look exactly the same! and LOL at the censored date!


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